Question about SA Haven

I haven’t played Hitman for a long time, I decided to replay the new trilogy at the amateur level.
There are problems with the silent killer on Haven
Island. I went to kill Williams, did everything, hid the bodies of the people who were interfering with me in the bushes behind the mansion, where there was a path and a fence. Then I stole the flash drive, I wanted to drown Bradley and Vetrov in the jacuzzi. But someone found bodies in the bushes, I don’t know why. Moreover, it was a security guard from the island, in a blue shirt. Please help me how to avoid such an incident

To avoid such incidents, well dont hide bodies in bushes…? Or find another plan.

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Guards don’t usually walk through bushes I think. Could something you did or left behind have changed their path? Was there maybe a gun lying around that a guard picked up and their way to the crate passed by the bodies?

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NPCs in Haven have doubled vision distance.
Bushes are not very great place to hide bodies as they can be found due to various reasons, especially in Haven, where you not safe even in the basement facility as Tyson can see you through those ten floors when he uses a staircase on his route. This bug reported as fixed several months ago, but I personally won’t rely on that because not so ago (before latest patch) I had that same bug in Dartmoor where Alexa saw a body above Patrick’s pool room while she was going downstairs from her quarters on top floor.
I bet something similar happened to you.
Maybe even it was Tyson somehow

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knock out less people and when u do knock them out use accidental KOs like placing a banana and making the target slip, using a wet floor or a dart gun

NPCs see straight through bushes. The only thing they can’t see is 47 when he’s crouching and “concealed” but even that only works if an NPC isn’t too close (oe didn’t hear you crouch running through them). Other than that, they’ll see bodies AND weapons in that bullshit. :joy:

This game be cheating, yo!