Question about the chief winemaker's table

Does anyone know why this table is highlighted in instinct? I haven’t found a way to interact with it.

I tried several times distracting people away from it and moving to place the grapes on it, but no prompt appears. I was hoping this was a way to initiate the winery tour suit only. That doesn’t seem to be the case, but I was wondering if anyone else had figured out what this table is “for” (if anything). I also haven’t noticed anything you can do with it while disguised as the winemaker himself.

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You can place the grapes there, but he has to be waiting at the table too so I don’t think you can do it suit only. I’m not sure if you can only hand the grapes straight to him if you’re disguised as a winery worker, but it doesn’t make a difference whether you do that or place them on the table. I placed them on the table as a waiter.

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I see. That would explain it.

Next I’ll be looking into if there’s a suit only way to initiate the secret Providence meeting.

I placed the grapes there during the mission story and he just stood there with his hand out until i went to get more grapes. I’m not really sure what purpose the table serves.

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For the curious: the answer to my subsequent investigation regarding the Providence meeting is “yes.” It’s possible to steal the 1945 Paladin and place it at the table suit only. Yates’ wine glass is also poisonable. Yates doesn’t seem to want to start giving his speech unless 47 is nearby, so I snuck out of the room, went back outside, and snuck back in through the persistent shortcut door on the north side of the villa. This gave me a hiding spot where I could listen and let the meeting play out normally. I was even able to poison his wine glass before I placed the wine.

However, I’m not sure it’s feasible to use this for a SASO run. Listening to the waiter tell the sommelier that Yates wants the wine seems to trigger the guests to gather at the basement table, and it would be no small feat to place the wine without them noticing.

EDIT: No, wait, I think it is feasible. I figured out how to get there fast enough with the 1945 Paladin before the guests arrive. Now it’s only a matter of making sure the guards are sufficiently distracted, which looks a lot easier.

EDIT 2: I managed to record a decent video of this method. I’m uploading it now.

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This is probably better than what I was trying to do with the grapes anyway.


Very nicely done. :+1: Presumably you could skip the poisoning stage and take out Yates upstairs in the Diana-stabs-him-and-47-finishes-it kill too for an SASO run?

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Not sure if Diana does that if 47 isn’t there disguised as a guard, but otherwise it wouldn’t be a problem. Both of the guards just have to be KO’d before they get there.


If you’ve taken out the guards on the top floor and not touched anyone else, won’t Yates bring at least one other up there with him to kill Diana, or am I getting that wrong?

There will be one mercenary and the head of security following Yates from the meeting room.

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I believe the guard I’m squatting next to during the meeting is the one who later stands under the chandelier (and can be killed by shooting the winch). He’s simple enough to take out before the confrontation takes place. I’m not sure where Cortazar goes, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with him. I don’t know how the scene plays out without the guard disguise though.

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Presumably you could skip the poisoning stage and take out Yates upstairs in the Diana-stabs-him-and-47-finishes-it kill too for an SASO run?

You can’t, but I did the next closest thing.


Nice one, thanks very much for doing the testing. :+1:

I so WISH that you could trigger Yates to come upstairs without having to change in and out of a guard disguise, that would be my ultimate headcanon for how that mission should play out.


The most confusing thing about the grape-placement is that you can’t place them on the table in the same way you would any other item in your inventory. You have to use the action prompt, and sometimes it isn’t there.

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