Question about tossing coins

Was just wondering- I know when you throw a coin in view of an enemy they look towards you and make a comment about you being silly. But if you are in view of one enemy, and there is another enemy a few feet away who DOESNT see you and you throw a coin in front of them, will they still get distracted by it and pick it up despite one of the enemies seeing you toss a coin? So say I am standing in front of one guard facing me and I’m disguised so he doesn’t suspect anything and an enforcer is a few feet behind him facing the opposite way. If I toss a coin in front of the enforcer will he also turn to face me because the first guard noticed or will he still get distracted and pick up the coin?

I presume you’re talking about HITMAN 3, then the answer is no. Your tossing won’t distract any of them as long as one of the NPCs sees you.

In this situation, however, the enforcer will turn around, because he/she hears the sound. He/she will not pick up the coin because the guard has already reacted to your tossing.


Though there is a “trick” when you can throw a coin in front of NPC(s) and still draw their attention.
You just need to be either relatively far enough from the NPC (apparently they have limited reaction range) or throw a coin while they don’t see you - turned their head a little to the side and not look directly at you

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You can still drop or place coins in front if NPC’s and they will go and pick them up. You can even put one on the ground and when someone passes they will go to it. Say you need to push someone off a balcony but they don’t quite get close enough. You can put a coin on the railing and when they pass by they’ll go right for it.
This coin lure trick will also work with briefcases, ducks, and weapons for guard NPC’s

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