Question on Hitman Absolution Select Level

Hi all,

I finished Hitman Absolution a long time ago on Steam and got the GOG version of the game. Then, I transferred the Steam save using a GOG guide.

It all works fine and the levels are unlocked, but I cannot for the life of me remember or make sense of why when I use Select Level > Hunter and Hunted mission that I start with the chef outfit and the bottle in hand instead of the default outfit. Does anybody know?

I’m assuming you’re starting from somewhere after the market shop? If you start from the very start of the the mission you should have your default gear. But if I remember correctly absolution saves the gear you last got into each mission checkpoint with (i.e. you’re starting from a point you last got to wearing a chef disguise so it’s putting you back at that point)

Isn’t the start of the mission from the select level? I have forgotten quite a bit but I seem to remember the area just before the Chinatown market area to be the start of Hunter/Hunted. If I get back to the game, I’ll post a screenshot. I remember that when I do Select Level, I start with Eliminate Wade’s People objective.

I don’t know what this means

When you select Hunter and Hunted you get taken to a checkpoint select screen with 7 checkpoints from ‘Courtyard’ to ‘Chinese New Year’

If you start from the start of the mission in ‘Courtyard’ you should have your default gear. At later checkpoints you maybe have left your default disguise behind, and that’s why you’re disguised as a chef

Oh okay. I could start with Chinese new Year and end up with a checkpoint save. I think that makes sense.

While we’re at this topic:
I find it frustrating that “middle missions” are not remembered from last time. Now this is an awful sentence construction, so let me explain:

I go Select a level and play “Attack of the saints”.

I finished the 1st level and end up in my suit, wearing knife and some machine gun and full ammo.
I procede to 2nd level (Reception) and I’m still in my suit, machine gun… as expected.
When I exit the game - and go back selecting level and selecting “Attack of the saints” and selecting 2nd level Reception, I’m not in my suit and no machine gun - I’m dressed in SWAT uniform and no knife and some handgun.
My guess is long time ago when I played it, that was how I reached this Reception level.
My expectation is to be as the last time I played it - in my suit, machine gun, knife.

That’s what frustrates me very much. Is there a way to force game to remember to always start this Reception level how I finished it last time?

Better yet, is there a mod to set your Loadout? Would be really nice if there was for this game.

I just solved the mistery: I’m supposed to finish all the missions on the level (in “Attack of the saints”, when I finished “Cornfield” mission), then I got what I wanted: next time I load any mission in that level, I started in outfit and weapons from my last time I played that mission. So, finish the level to override previous save state.


Scratch that. :frowning_face:
Today I loaded it again, and again I’m wearing SWAT uniform, no knife etc (like before)

Might be the Hitman servers acting up? j/k

I don’t know. I’m still the chef with a bottle.

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Absolution gives you a different suit and inventory everytime you reach a checkpoint and restart the game, example: Getting the silenced pistol at the nightclub and reaching the last checkpoint, if you then exit the game completely and come back you’ll have an inventory the game thinks you would have at that point (in this case you would have the Police officer disguise with no silencer).

I’m not sure I understand you. I finished each mission - including last mission - in “Attack of the saints” in Hawaii robe (that blue kimono from motel). Next time I revisited those missions, I was in a SWAT uniform - probably from the first time I played the game years ago.
Another note - I started playing all the way from beginning, choosing “New game”! But the app loads the old game apparently.

When you reach a certain point in a level, the game will save. If you close your game completely after reaching that point and come back you’ll have a pre-made setup. But if you only go to the main menu and load your game back up you’ll still have your chosen disguise, it’s only when restarting the game that it will forget what you had.

So how do I get rid of this “pre-made setup”? Why my “pre-made setup” consists of SWAT clothes, and some random items (iron, pistol with few bullets…) - I guess it is from the time when I first played the game, what else could it be.
If so, why doesn’t “New game” and reaching that level doesn’t help? Why doesn’t game remember once for all that I reached that level in my kimono clothes with shotgun, knife…etc, so that when I go and load that level, I would be set up like that?

Because that’s how absolution works, it doesn’t save your custom loadout. It’s not something that will go away as ioi won’t patch it anymore. You will always have a pre made inventory that is the same for everyone, no previous savefile will change that. If the level has alot of police, your loadout the next time you start up the game will be mostlikely a police disguise. It’s been in the game since 2012, the new release didn’t adress this. Same problem occurs when reaching a checkpoint, if you set up a leaking gas oven and reach a checkpoint it won’t save your progress and the oven is “reset”.

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This makes a lot of sense. Now I hope there was a mod to set the loadout.