Question regarding Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition

I have a question. If I will buy Hitman Deluxe Edition after 20 January, then I will have Trinity Pack or I have to order Hitman Deluxe Edition before 20 January to have Trinity Pack?

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It’s a pre-order bonus. It won’t be available once the game launches.

However, pre-order DLC for HITMAN was later available for purchase and content exclusive to the Collector’s Edition for HITMAN 2 was later available in the expansion pass.

So it’s likely it will available later in some sort of way, but it hasn’t been confirmed. As of right now, the only way is to get the game before January 20th via pre-order.


From what I am seeing the Deluxe Pack appears to include the preorder bonus Trinity Pack which seems to suggest you can still get the trinity pack after launch by buying the deluxe edition or deluxe pack(which will presumably be sold separately. Note the specific words “Includes pre-order bonus” HITMAN 3 - Pre-order Today - IO Interactive


I’ve never actually thought about interpreting it like that before.

Then again, as that image is originally from the Buy page on, it could also be that the image will be updated to remove it after launch as its just intended to convey that you also get the Trinity Pack by pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition.


You could be right, but if that is the case they should clarify before launch as the wording would be misleading if they intend to mean the deluxe edition doesn’t include the preorder pack by default and does require a preorder to get it.

I’m willing to believe that your interpretation is correct though, since it looks like the image was also sent out to retailers for their online listings who will presumably never remove/update the image if it were to be.

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Neither the Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Pack includes the Trinity Pack, if it is purchased after launch.

The contents of the Deluxe Edition/Deluxe Pack is listed in various stores, none have the Trinity Pack listed in the contents of what Deluxe includes. It’s only there as a pre-order bonus.

Contents of the Deluxe Edition

Microsoft Store has the same listing

The only way to get the Trinity Pack is to pre-order Standard or Deluxe Edition, as the Trinity Pack is a pre-order bonus.


Wish they’d give more info on the deluxe items :roll_eyes:

Ok. Thank you for all answers to my question. I would like to know one thing. When I will buy Hitman 3 Standard Edition and I would like to update to deluxe edition, I will have such possibility then? and for Deluxe Edition full price or difference between the Standard and Deluxe prices?

Yes, they’ve said that there will be a Deluxe upgrade available. I don’t think they’ve given details on the price yet, but I would imagine it will be about the difference between the two versions.


3 Suits, 3 Items, and Deluxe Escalations. We just don’t know details on the items and escalations. But if I was to guess the items will coincide with the suits.

I may have missed it but was it specifically stated somewhere that there will be 3 items? I´m wondering whether some of the items might be unlocked by those deluxe escalations (though I would agree it would make sense to have them coincide with the suits).

It doesn’t blatantly say it but if we go off of the past with the GOTY Upgrade it would be three.

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I wish they would finally give us some details on this… :sweat_smile:

wish granted :), IO released a video on the HITMAN channel revealing everything missing. Wish I had gotten the deluxe edition for hong kong nostalgia :weary:

Yes, now we´re only waiting for the info on progress transfer and ETs :joy: :

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I’m starting to regret not pre-ordering the deluxe edition… I think I’m going to have to upgrade :confused:

The c47 hong kong outfit is a magnet for nostalgics and the briefcase/shotgun from the beldingford outfit is just a chefs kiss.

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it’s actually the hitman sniper mobile game outfit, not c47 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, it´s still a little early to tell how much better off you´d be with the deluxe edition in terms of in-game items. We don´t know whether the weapons will have any unique features or if the subsequent deluxe escalations will have unique unlocks as well :slight_smile:

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they’re the same :neutral_face: :nail_care:

oh and, why would IO choose to make an outfit based on their mobile game that nobody played over the first game in the franchise, I don’t understand