Quicker way to Master Card

This is something I’m thinking about every time I want to get the master card from [Spoiler] in Hokkaido - is there a way to shorten the conversation? Just for your typical contract, escalation or ET that forces you to stand there for two minutes listening to the dialogue every time before you can pickup the card, is there any trick to speed this up?

No, since he doesn’t drop it if you Sieker him to get him up and then KO him. If the contract is designed to require the card, then everyone would have to sit through it so you’re not going to be disadvantaged as far as the leaderboards go.


Thanks. I don’t care about leaderboards at all, it’s just annoying when you do something risky and have to repeat this long doalogue every time.

you can try to enter the picture capture mode of NVIDA (also called Ansel)
this will freeze the game while dialogue still going on.
yes you still have to wait, but the in-game timer will stop with Ansel on