r/HiTMAN - Did anyone play the last level of Hitman 3 like this?

From the Reddit post I created:

Like the fuckin Terminator, basically.

Just finished my first run, & while I played almost every level SASO, on this last one I was like “fuck it” & all the years of pent up aggression thanks to Hitman 1 & 2 basically never giving you free reign to just slaughter assholes resulted in nothing short of a bloodbath on that train… & it was oh so satisfying!

Goddamn does this game wrap up the trilogy well. Seriously didn’t expect it to slap this hard.

This final level also felt like the perfect setup for Project 007.

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I did, you get 5 stars, but not a Silent Assassin (I think the rank is sth like Professional ICA Assassin or similar) - deffo fun to play, this is that one time the game doesn’t punish you for that approach.

Also, the linearity of the level makes it a lot easier to just John-Wick your way through, since you can’t really get surrounded.

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Haha, absolutely. It was the one time I was like “FUCK SASO, THUGS GONNA DIE!”

Basically, for the first time ever I played Untouchable, I just did killing every single soul on the train because game told me I’m allowed to do so.
But I was unpleasantly surprised when the game penalized me for those kills.
I killed only guards, civilians were knocked out, but still I didn’t get SA for the run.
This is quite strange, considering that the blue objective of the mission says that I can kill Providence members.
So where is my SA, for fuck sake?