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What is new for those who want to try codename 47 on xbox :(? Or it’s still a PC version

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Sorry, still PC exclusive. There is Hitman Contracts, which contains several remastered levels from C47, which is part of the HD Trilogy.

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Codename 47 is still at this time a PC exclusive title, I doubt we will ever see a console port.

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yes, hope console version is find it’s place in near future

I doubt it, that said it’s so old that any pc can run nowadays.

Nice to meet you too


Codename 47 is so old it starts to get the problem that it doesn’t run on new computers. Who knows how many iterations of Windows it can survive :sob:


Sorry, have nothing in common with this tragedy time period, hope personal mindset find the right place

Woah, woah, woah, woah, don’t be calling Contracts that! It gets enough neglect from IOI as it is!