Random gift after each freelancer mission

The random gift you get after freelancer, my box is empty for my last 8 missions. Is that a bug

Do you already have all the items?

Or do you already have all the items of a particular rarity? For example if you already own all common items, you wont get an epic or legendary item for completing a level-one syndicate.


This box refills your tool stash.

I know see it as “one free tool per mission”. Great for completionist gameplay actually


I dont have all the items

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Mine doesn’t refill and it is really frustrating

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That’s weird… I always got three random items, but as soon as I only had two items missing, the box only contained two - those two. And now, the box is empty whenever my tool box is full but when I use one item like a syringe, it will be in the box after my next sucessful mission :confused:

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Yea is annoying… but hopefully when they release a patch to fix the bugs in freelancer they will fix all that too

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Are you referring to the box that gives you Freelancer Tools, or the other one that gives you weapons? In the CTT, there were some weapons you could only get by bringing them back to the safehouse from the locations - they were either findable only or only available through the suppliers.

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