Ranking Every Map In The HITMAN Trilogy

Rank all the maps from the trilogy, here’s my list (Best to Worst)
1: Mendoza
2: New York
3: Dubai
4: Sapienza
5: Miami
6: Haven Island
7: Dartmoor
8: Mumbai
9: Isle of Sgail
10: Chongqing
12: Hokkaido
12: Berlin
13: Santa Fortuna
14: Paris
15: Whittleton Creek
16: Marrakesh
17: Hawkes Bay
18: Carpathian Mountains
19: Bangkok
20: Colorado

Feel free to share yours :blush:

  1. Sapienza
  2. Paris
  3. Miami
  4. Hokkaido
  5. Haven Island
  6. Chongqing
  7. Mendoza
  8. Marrakesh
  9. Berlin
  10. Dubai
  11. Mumbai
  12. Bangkok
  13. Isle of Sgail
  14. ICA Facility (Yacht)
  15. ICA Facility (Final Test)
  16. Whittleton Creek=Colorado (I loved Whittleton my first playthrough but it got old fast)
  17. Santa Fortuna
  18. Dartmoor
  19. New York
  20. Hawke’s Bay=Carpathian Mountains
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This is my tier list, maybe i’ll expand on this later


The hitman 3 maps are most subject to change ranks as ive not played them enough to really give them a proper place


I wouldn’t really want to rank Maps, since especially Hitman 2016’s Maps most of the time had two Sides. Instead I’m going to rank the Map Variations, if there are any.

  1. Berlin
  2. Mumbai, Chasing a Ghost
  3. Chongqing
  4. Sapienza, Landslide
  5. New York
  6. Haven Island
  7. Paris, The Showstopper
  8. Marrakesh, A House Built On Sand
  9. Hokkaido, Situs Inverus
  10. Mendoza
  11. Sapienza, World of Tomorow
  12. Dartmoor
  13. Miami, The Finish Line
  14. Dubai
  15. Isle of Sgail
  16. Whittleton Creek, Another Life
  17. Siberia
  18. Bangkok, The Source
  19. ICA Facility, Freeform Traning
  20. ICA Facility, The Final Test
  21. Colorado, Freedom Fighters
  22. Santa Fortuna, Three Headed Serpant
  23. Marrakesh, A Gilded Cage
  24. Romania
  25. Bangkok, Club 27
  26. Whittleton Creek, A Bitter Pill
  27. Hokkaido, Patient Zero
  28. Paris, Holiday Hoarders
  29. Sapineza, The Icon
  30. Mumbai, Illusion of Grandeur
  31. Columbia, Embrace the Serpant
  32. Sapienza, The Author
  33. Miami, A Silver Tongue
  34. Hokkaido, Snow Festival
  35. The Pen and The Sword
  36. The Last Yardbird
  37. ICA Facility, Guided Traning
  38. Colorado, The Vector

Let me know if I forgot one :).


For me, it is

Isle of Sgail
Haven Island
Santa Fortuna
Whittleton Creek
New York
Hawke’s Bay

Colorado is my least favorite mission in the game. I really dislike the map and the npc placement. All the npcs are bunched in one part of the map with a few on the perimeter.


The HITMAN 3 spots are very up in the air and could change easily after more playing. They’ll be in italics and are only in a very rough spot. The others I am more certain of.

Main story missions are in bold, I included everything.

  1. The Finish Line (Miami)
  2. A Gilded Cage (Marrakesh)
  3. Three-Headed Serpant (Colombia)
  4. Apex Predator (Berlin)
  5. End Of An Era (Congqing)
  6. The Farewell (Mendoza)
  7. The Last Resort (Maldives)
  8. Chasing A Ghost (Mumbai)
  9. A House Built On Sand (Marrakesh bonus mission)
  10. The Showstopper (Paris)
  11. Freedom Fighters (Colorado)
  12. The Author (PZ Sapienza)
  13. Top Of The World (Dubai)
  14. World Of Tomorrow (Sapienza)
  15. Situs Inversus (Hokkaido)
  16. Golden Handshake (New York)
  17. The Ark Society (Isle of Sgail)
  18. Another Life (Whittleton Creek)
  19. Death In The Family (Dartmoor)
  20. Club 27 (Bangkok)
  21. The Source (PZ Bangkok)
  22. The Icon (Sapienza bonus mission)
  23. Landslide (other Sapienza bonus mission)
  24. Crime and Punishment (Siberia sniping)
  25. A Bitter Pill (Special Assignment Whittleton Creek)
  26. A Silver Tongue (Special Assignment Miami)
  27. The Pen and the Sword (Singapore sniping)
  28. The Last Yardbird (Himmelstein sniping)
  29. Embrace Of The Serpent (Special assignment Colombia)
  30. The Final Test (tutorial)
  31. Freeform Training (tutorial)
  32. Nightcall (Hawke’s Bay)
  33. Untouchable (Carpathian Mountains)
  34. Patient Zero (PZ Hokkaido)
  35. Illusions Of Grandeur (Special Assignment Mumbai)
  36. The Vector (Special Assignment Colorado)

I’m happy so many people have Mumbai in their top 10 or top 5. That map always gets written off as bad when I genuinly think it’s the best map in the woa trilogy


I was going to post my list here, but due to recency bias and the fact that I can’t log into the game due to the constant “failed to fetch” errors, I won’t. My plan is to replay every mission in the game once the servers and issues are stabilized and the Hitman 2 levels are provided for PC players, and then make two lists. One for my favorite missions, and one for the levels as a whole. Should be fun once the game actually works.

I will say my favorite level in the new game may possibly be Berlin. I liked them all (no Marrakesh’s in Hitman 3 haha), but Berlin is the one I’ve been thinking about the most since playing it. I have to play them all again to really judge though.


I just don’t like the setting too much, and it’s too big


Not liking the setting I can understand,but mumbai has multiple ways to counteract its size. And if you like its bigger size theres plenty fun ways to infilitrate and exfiltrate the 2 fortresses.


I"m with you man. Mumbai IMO was the best map of Hitman 2. There is SO MUCH going on in that map that’s mindboggling.

  1. Mumbai
  2. Sapienza
  3. Maldives
  4. New York
  5. Hokkaido
  6. Berlin
  7. Miami
  8. Chongqing
  9. Paris
  10. Dubai
  11. Dartmoor
  12. Santa Fortuna
  13. Mendoza
  14. Bangkok
  15. Whittleton
  16. Hawke’s Bay
  17. Sgail
  18. Marrakesh
  19. Colorado
  20. Carpathians

Might be biased because H1&2 kept me occupied during lockdown and I have 250+ hours on them, which is why H3 maps rank so low, but I think that’s that.

  1. Hokkaido
  2. Chongqing
  3. Mumbai
  4. Sapienza
  5. Bangkok
  6. Dubai
  7. Berlin
  8. Paris
  9. Maldives
  10. Santa foruna
  11. Mendoza
  12. Miami
  13. Dartmoor england
  14. Marrakesh
  15. Bank new york
  16. New zeeland
  17. Romania
  18. Whitelon creek
  19. Isle of sgail
  20. Colorado

01: Mendoza
02: Dartmoor
03: Paris
04: Hokkaido
05: Sapienza
06: New York
07: Miami
08: Haven Island
09: Isle of Sgail
10: Bangkok
11: Marrakesh
12: Berlin
13: Dubai
14: Chongqing
15: Carpathian Mountains
16: Colorado
17: Hawkes Bay
18: Santa Fortuna
19: Mumbai
20: Whittleton Creek


Damn it. I need to re-do my ranking. Looking at it now, when I’ve done all the masteries for H3, it makes me wonder if I were out-of-my-mind-drunk when setting it.

Alright, lets get to work, 47.


Splitting the differences between each map is tough for me, so here’s a tier list

The Best


Haven Island
Santa Fortuna

New York
Hawke’s Bay

Whittleton Creek
Carpathian Mountains


Okay kinda feel to post my chart (worst to best) , i feel to judge the maps for a versatile gameplay approach and about the location (balanced between a stealth/psycho/massmurdrer elements)

  • Colorado
  • Hawkes Bay
  • Carpathian Mountains
  • ICA Facility
  • Mumbai
  • Isle of Sgail
  • Santa Fortuna
  • Marrakech
  • Haven Island
  • Dubai
  • Whittleton Creek
  • Bangkok
  • Hokkaido
  • Dartmoor
  • Chongqing
  • Miami
  • Berlin
  • Paris
  • New York
  • Sapienza
  • Mendoza
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ranking all the maps in alphabetical order. might be controversial

  1. Bangkok
  2. Berlin
  3. Carpathian Mountains
  4. Chongqing
  5. Colorado
  6. Dartmoor
  7. Dubai
  8. Haven Island
  9. Hawkes Bay
  10. Hokkaido
  11. ICA Facility
  12. Isle of Sgail
  13. Marrakesh
  14. Mendoza
  15. Miami
  16. Mumbai
  17. New York
  18. Paris
  19. Santa Fortuna
  20. Sapienza
  21. Whittleton Creek

Did some updated rankings after more time with HITMAN 3 and more self reflection of older games. It goes left to right so what is top left is my favourite and what is bottom right is my least favourite, split into helpful tiers.

First picture is just the main missions, second mission is everything.

Main missions only

Every mission