Ranking the deluxe escalation missions?

Hey, can we all rank the dulux escalation missions from worst to best? I played the ninja one yesterday and I loved it so much

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Best to worst.

  1. Chongqing’s
  2. Mendoza’s
  3. Dartmoor’s
  4. Romania’s
  5. Dubai’s
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  1. Chongqing
  2. Dartmoor
  3. Mendoza
  4. Dubai
  5. Carpathians

That is for the missions itself. It would be a different order for the unlocks. Chongqing is ahead by quite a bit.

My personal favourite to least favourite so far:

  1. Mendoza: I liked the sense of progressing like a story line between levels. Its mostly my number one for now because I don’t really have any complaints about it.
  2. Carpathian: Fun, sense of progression from escalation to escalation, about as good as you can get for a limited map like this but the “Non target eliminated” thing spoils the slaughter fun in the second escalation.
  3. Dartmoor: Boring, but but not a bad contract.
  4. Chongqing: Random poison/pistol kill in a clearly sniper based contract, and an explosion kill that will get the restaraunt guy’s body spotted due to random panic. I also love enforced time limit contracts, they’re my favourite. This one was so much fun.
  5. Dubai: Boring. I don’t really have much to say about it.

If we’re counting rewards, then Carpathian and Chongqing rewards are my favourites, then probably Mendoza and Dartmoor and Dubai in last again.

Aren’t we still getting one more, probably in Berlin?

As someone more into stealth than any other aspect of Hitman the Romanian and Chongqing escalations were the most fun for me by far.

Mendoza probably least favorite.

I think I would rank Mendoza number 1. I expected not to like it (the whole idea of emetic poisons is distasteful to me) but I loved it!
Second for me is Carpathia. Love the fact that it’s impossible to SA the second level.
Third is Chongqing, despite the timed third level.
Fourth is Dartmoor and last is Dubai.

Favorite - Dartmoor: Reasonably difficult and you don’t see many escalations with unsilenced weapons.
2 - Romania: Incredibly easy but incredibly unique and fun. Shame it’s impossible to SA Level 2.
3 - Chongqing: Probably the most difficult one for me, especially when on the final level. Not awful though. I think getting rid of the poison and pistol kill would make it better.
4 - Mendoza: Just meh. The poisoning gimmick is fine but the first and last levels bring this contract down a bit.
5 - Dubai: Very annoying, but at least the unlocks are nice.

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Best to worst:
1.Lee hong Derivation
2.Proloff Parable
3.Gauchito Antiquitity
4.Percival Passage
5.Asmodeuz Waltz

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Just replayed them all and my favourite to least favourite is

  1. Satu Mare Delirium
  2. Lee Hong Derivation (tho that cable car target drives me nuts)
  3. Proloff Parable
  4. Percival Passage
  5. Gauchito Antiquity
  6. Asmodeus Waltz

1-4 I think are fabulous and it’s hard to rank them coz they hit a lot of different beats. But Gauchito is just a bit dull and Asmodeus is a laughably glorified contract


Lets do this again now that all are out
from best to worst

  1. Lee Hong Derivation
  2. Satu Mare Delirium
  3. Gauchito Antiquity
  4. Proloff Parable
  5. Percival passage
  6. Asmodeus Waltz

Favorite to least favorites:

  1. Chonqing one: Enjoyable routing
  2. Dubai one: While no special gimmicks, it does provide enjoyable routing
  3. Mendoza one: While not a fun gimmick, still enjoyable routing
  4. Dartmoor one: Just a contract, on the boring side, but still provided some freedom of approach and routing.
  5. & 6. Berlin & Romania: Linear & handholdy, forcing you to do it exactly as they want you to. Not enjoyable at all.

Best to worst, in my opinion

Berlin: One of the best escalations I’ve ever played. Kept me on my toes, and the atmosphere and eerily quiet nature was an awesome alternative to the rave. It also felt really cool working backwards, starting deep inside the level and having to go to the beginning. The last level especially took some work to get the hang of, considering the gas station isn’t designed for much of anything other than scenery, so stealth is a lot more difficult.
Carpathian Mountains: Just enjoyable all around, every level of the escalation introduced new complications that made me struggle, but in a good way. I was able to use both silent, unnoticeable stealth in super confined spaces, as well as mad assaults straight at the enemy.
Chongqing: I don’t really enjoy timed challenges too often, but this was good. It kept the incredible atmosphere of Chongqing but did something with the parts of the map that seemed ignored in End of an Era. This also got me back in the groove of sniping since I stopped playing Hitman 2 a long while back. Only wish that guy on the lotus passage didn’t have such a long animation cycle.
Mendoza: It was good, but nothing spectacular. I think I got more annoyed by the mechanics than anything else, specifically the last mission, because any people who feel attacked are immediately considered ‘not poisoned’. I replayed that last level so much because one person would hear me shoot the other in the head, become scared, and no longer be poisoned. Infuriating, but interesting.
Dubai: A fun mission, and a good way of learning the map and demonstrating the Dak Gold. The progression of meeting then following then becoming The Devil’s Own was neat, but this escalation didn’t really offer much. All the kills are fairly easy to pull off, the item needed is usually close to them.
Dartmoor: I don’t like Dartmoor, nor do I like this escalation. Very similar to Dubai, but on a much worse playing field. I’m not mad with the unsilenced shotgun, one of my favorite escalations is set on Miami where you have to use an unsilenced shotgun, I simply dislike the execution of it. This is one I won’t be playing again.

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I actually like a lot the Carpathian one.
The best hands down are Berlin and Chonqing.

They’re all pretty good for me, maybe the mendoza one is a bit weak

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From favorite to least:

  1. Lee Hong Derivation (I enjoyed this escalation - but the time limit in level 3 is very annoying - I don’t like time limit :sweat_smile:).
  2. Proloff Parable (very different from the previous escalation and the three part story is very cool).
  3. Satu Mare Delirium (same as above).
  4. Percival Passage (small vibes from Beldingford manor - Nostalgia talks).
  5. Asmodeus Waltz (like a regular escalation but funny).
  6. Gauchito Antiquity (good one but not my cup of tea, the final level appears below my expectation).

The whole bunch of escalation is still a good one.

  1. Berlin
  2. Carpathian Mountains
  3. Chongqing
  4. Mendoza
  5. Dubai
  6. Dartmoor
  1. Chongqing (remind the nostlagy hitman)
  2. Berlin (not easy and challanging)
  3. Argentina
  4. Romania (fun but too short)
  5. Dubai & England same

They’re all worth it for the nostalgia disguises from the previous games :wink:

Berlin and Romania are my faves as a stealth focused kinda guy.

Mendoza was my least favorite.

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