Ranking top 3 each Hitman Maps per Series

hi, so my rank is

Hitman 2016:

worst: Colorado Hostile area :frowning:

Hitman 2
1. Mumbai
2. Haven Island
3. Santa Fortuna

worst: Isle Of sgail boring map :frowning:

Hitman 3
1. Chongqing
2. Berlin
3. Dubai

worst: Romania
i think the map waste!!

For me

Hitman 2016

  1. Hokkaido
  2. Sapienza
  3. Bangkok little bit more than Paris

Hitman 2

  1. Mumbai
  2. Haven island
  3. New york

Hitman 3:

  1. Chongqing (disappointing but still like the street)

  2. Dubai (very fun for contracts)

  3. Berlin (worst for contracts , but map very fun)

Per series in no particular order (Excluding tutorials and epilogue with one exception):


  • Traditions of the trade (best C47 mission).

  • Lee Hong assassination (like this one for some reason, can get really tedious but a good first “hitman” level).

  • Say hello to my little friend (One thing I don’t like here is the distance between the starting point and the entrance to the compound but other than that what else can I say about this?)

Worse: The one before the Jungle God that was so forgettable I’m not going to bother writing it down/The jungle God (boring filler levels, filled with just fog and forests where you spend the majority of your time running around getting lost. Good thing the jungle god is easy to skip in just a few seconds).

Silent Assassin:

  • Temple city ambush (fun, short mission to pass the time. Can easily get lost between the buildings but almost always reliable.)

  • Basement killing (Same as above, but it’s actually fun to explore each hallway/corridor.)

  • Invitation to a party (Best SA mission).

Worse: Hidden Valley. (Yame-Yame YameYameYAYAMeyameyAme!)


  • Meat king’s party (spooky visuals, vile targets, creepy atmosphere, not a lot of variations to the mission but it’s always a good time).

  • Beldingford manor (It’s Beldingford manor, it’s so good H3 even made an entire level as a homage/reference to it and it won a best level in hitman award a few years back iirc.)

  • Traditions of the trade (less good version of best C47 mission but the foundation is so good it became one if my favourites in contracts as well.)

Worse: Bjarkhov bomb, might change it later but the biggest thing bringing it down is just how big the entire place it and how empty it is. I almost always play this with cheats that speed up time. There’s been a pattern in my worse hitman levels choices, I wonder what that is?)


  • Dance with the devil (A bit tiring to get up/down multiple times but looks pretty and has some fun opportunities, bonus objectives drag this one down a bit).

  • A new life (Ochoa might hate me for this but I love the freedom of this mission, the many opportunities provided to you, and the many kill methods and strategies it has. I feel like I’m repeating myself but this level just gives a lot of room for player experimentation and I love it for it, best BM mission!)

  • Murder of crows (I like the visuals of the parade, the VIP was a nice twist and the assassins are fun to take out).

Worse: Amendment XXV (I don’t know why but this mission is rarely fun for me. Maybe it’s because of how linear it it or Parchezzi being one of the most tedious targets to take out.)


  • Absolution (What’s this, an actually fun epilogue with no forced gunfights?)

  • Blackwater park (first part was boring but the apartment is very fun and is possibly the closest absolution has to a “hitman” level.)

  • Attack of the Saints (all the controversy surrounding the targets just for them to die in one mission? At least it’s a fun mission).

Worse: End of the road (Barely anything to do here and could hardly count as a level.)


  • The Showstopper (one of the best introductory levels in Hitman.)

  • World of tomorrow (Oh you thought Paris was fun? What If we give you Paris, make the entire surrounding area explorable, and give one of the (subjective) best targets in the entire series with it?)

  • Situs inversus (I love the visuals and it’s fun to run around the hospital).

Worse: Freedom fighters (I understand why people love this level, it’s just that I prefer every single other mission compared to this one, even Bangkok.)

H2 (haven’t played golden handshake and the last resort so they won’t be included):

  • The finish line (also one of the best introductory levels (?) in the series).

  • Chasing a ghost (Dawood Rangan brings up this level by a lot, and even though it’s a really big level like a lot of the worse I wrote about, it’s still fun to explore around the city and not as easy to get lost.)

  • Nightcall, no I don’t consider it a tutorial. (Dark, gloomy, unnerving. It might not be as big as the other levels, but it is perfectly fine enough to being like this and does it’s job well. One of the nicest introductory level (?) In hitman).

Worse: Ark society (Unfortunately, most of the levels in H2 share something from the worse of most of the hitman games, and it is being really big. While I still replay it from time to time I get overwhelmed by the missions in H2, and Sgail is the most overwhelming.)


  • On top of the world (Literally on top of the world, all that gold and glitter and the view is to die for!)

  • Dubai (Fun to traverse around, a lot of opportunities).

  • United Arab Emirates (Truly the best introductory level in all of hitman).

Honorable mentions:

  • Apex predator (gimmick might make the level less memorable compared to the others but I find it to be really fun).

  • The farewell (looks pretty, fun opportunities, Diana being on the mission, a lot to like here in my opinion).

Worse: Death in a family (Unfortunately it doesn’t have enough replayability to make me want to play over and over, and it isn’t as interesting as Nightcall. It’s still a good mission though but being in the same game and following the greatness of OTOTW it failed to leave a lasting impact on me.)

Took too long to write this.


Hitman 1:

  • Sapienza
  • Paris
  • Hokkaido

Hitman 2:

  • Haven Island
  • Miami
  • Vermont, USA

Hitman 3:

  • Chongqing
  • Argentina
  • Berlin

That being said I thoroughly enjoy most, if not all, locations in the World of Assassination trilogy. Truly a legendary trilogy.


here are mine:

hitman 2016

  1. paris
  2. hokkaido
  3. sapienza

hitman 2

  1. whittleton creek
  2. miami
  3. hawke’s bay

hitman 3

  1. chongqing
  2. berlin
  3. dubai

Here is my ranking

Hitman (2016)

  1. Hokkaido
  2. Sapienza
  3. Marrakesh

Worst: Colorado (you know why)

Hitman 2:

  1. New York (my favourite map from every hitman game)
  2. Miami
  3. Haven island

Worst: Isle of sgail (just a boring map with boring targets)

Hitman 3:

  1. Berlin
  2. Dubai
  3. Dartmoor (tough choice tho, or Dartmoor or Mendoza)

Worst: Carpathian mountains (because its the endbattle, we want something special. NOT A TRAIN!)


Since I still haven’t played anything before BM, I can only rank so much.

Blood Money


  1. Flatline (I love everything about this Level, being it the Music, the concept of optional Targets and especially the claustrophobic feeling.)

  2. The Murder of Crows (The only thing I dislike here is the Timelimit, since Raymond’s Position is randomized.)

  3. Curtains Down (I especially love the Basement and Office. It really gives me that early 2000s vibe, which I kinda like. Idk.)


Till Death do us Part (The Mission has an interesting concept, but I cannot help but feeling like an outsider and the fact that you’re shot when you won the Fight is ridiculous.)



  1. Skurkys Law (Despite not having a Target, it’s easily my favorite small Small Sandbox in all of Absolution.)

  2. Hunter and Hunter (Surprisingly long and fun Mission.)

  3. Blackwater Park Not the most creative Final Setting, but I still like it.)


  1. Countdown (Oh Wow, the whole Floor is stagged with Mines, what Fun Gameplay.)

  2. Rosewood (I like shooting my way through it, though since you’re intented to sneak and don’t kill anyone, Fuck that.)

  3. Every Mini Mission

Hitman 2016


  1. Marrakesh, A House Built on Sand

  2. Hokkaido, Situs Inverus

  3. Paris, The Showstopper


  1. Colorado, The Vector

  2. ICA Facility, Guided Traning

  3. Bangkok, Club 27

Hitman 2


  1. Mumbai, Chasing a Ghost

  2. New York, Golden Handshake

  3. Miami, The Finish Line.


  1. Santa Fortuna, Embrace The Serpent

  2. Miami, A Silver Tongue

  3. Santa Fortune, Three Headed Serpent

Hitman 3


  1. Berlin, Apex Predator

  2. Dubai, On Top of the World

  3. Dartmoor, Dartmoor Gardenshow


  1. Carpathian Mountains, Untouchable

  2. Chongqing,


Hitman 2016:
Best: Paris/Sapienza/Hokkaido depending on how I’m feeling
Worst: Colorado

Hitman 2:

  1. Miami
  2. Mumbai
  3. Sgail
    Worst: Nightcall, unfortunately :frowning:

Hitman 3:

  1. Dubai (obviously)
  2. Mendoza
  3. Chongqing
    Worst: Carpathian mountains, but if not that then Dartmoor.

Silent Assassin

  1. Russia (Yeah this is cheating but I’ve always considered them a one giant mission. Begs to be remade!)
  2. Shogun showdown
  3. Redemption at Gontranno

Worst is obviously Hidden Valley.


  1. Traditions of the Trade
  2. Lee Hong
  3. Meat King

There is no mission I hate in this game.

Blood Money

  1. Curtains Down
  2. A Vintage Year
  3. A New Life

I think Blood Money has a few mediocre missions, but if I had to pick one it’d be Death of a Showman.


  1. Blackwater Park
  2. Shaving Lenny
  3. Attack of the Saints

Way too many boring missions to choose just one. And even if I had to, I can’t get myself to play this game again just to remember.

Hitman 2016

  1. Hokkaido
  2. Marrakesh
  3. Sapienza

Bangkok is the worst.

Hitman 2 2018

  1. Mumbai
  2. Haven Island
  3. New York

Ark Society is the worst.

Hitman 3

  1. Berlin
  2. Chongqing
  3. Dartmoor

No bad map.