Ranting, Complaining, and Venting

Everytime there’s an update, or just for no reason at all, we have complaining about various things. Usually these have been in whatever forum thread the update was in but it drags the conversation down and just adds to the thread count. This space is for just complaining and ranting and venting.

There is absolutely no need to reply to anything in this thread, ever.


In before the inevitable lock from the mods (as they’ve always previously stated they don’t want a hub where people can indulge in swivel-eyed ranting and bitching). Good luck beating your speedrun PB time for getting a thread-lock, @schatenjager!


It’s no fun complaining when there’s a specific thread for it. 0/10 :rofl:


Welcome to the problem with right-wing social media platforms!

And before this thread gets closed for the reasons scat mentioned, I’ll take this brief opportunity to say that, on any Hitman-related subject, I am right, anybody who argues against me is wrong, if you don’t agree then screw you and how do you like that?

Wheew! Glad to finally get that off my chest. :crazy_face:

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I think people need to understand if someone wants to complain and rant they should be aloud to do so instead of adding there cents into it, at the end of the day opinions are opinions why should everyone be fussed what others want to vent that’s how I see it

That’s what I want when I’m rambling on about something I dislike I don’t want someone to then tell me I’m wrong just let me have my moment :joy:

I FUCKING HATE that all those ET suits are never going to be avalaible again.

And if you want to buy the whole game at once then you better take a loan because this game is fucking expencive.


Have a nice day.

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