Re: MrFreeze2244

For those who didn’t catch it in What’s New or on another corner of the Internet.

So recently there have been two major issues regarding the YouTuber who is known in this community for his Hitman playguides has had two separate types of accusations level against him.

The first is a bizarre series of actions on his Discord where he was banning people and sending abusive messages over a poll as to which map was better, and included him bulk kicking people, lying to his own moderators and generally being a comically bad community leader. Testimony, screenshots etc are over on Reddit.

Since he never had a real community here etc, I don’t expect there to be much in this one - its really his own bonfire to deal with.

The second, far more serious, is that like far too many YouTube influencers, MrFreeze2244 has been using his position to groom and generally acting inappropriately to 16 year old girls. This one was also made on Reddit, here and here, and you can read the subreddits official stance (written by our own @cake941) here.

Now again, since Freeze isn’t really a figure or a big one here, I have already removed one Devil’s Advocate post on this matter, so I feel it is necessary to clarify HitmanForum’s stance:

  1. While I personally have very little to do with r/Hitman, I do consider it to be a part of the wider Hitman community and as such we take these allegations extremely seriously.
  2. Our guidelines have always been in place to make this a place for all kinds of fans of Hitman fans by way of creating a civil and, more importantly, safe forum.
  3. We absolutely expect any member who raises the issue to treat these allegations extremely seriously. We will not tolerate any attempt to silence, mitigate, blame or discredit victims of any kind of abuse or harassment.

Again, since Freeze is not a big figure here - so I don’t anticipate that it will be a big topic of conversation, but having it happen once is one time too many already.

We’d also like to raise that should you feel pressured, or harassed by anyone on HMF - the staff are here to help you and will always put people’s safety at top priority.

Now, due to the serious and sensitive nature of this topic, this topic will be closed. Any issues may be raised in the Civlized Conversation Primer or with myself in private messages.


Update: There are two important updates on this:

  1. MrFreeze2244 's statement on the matter, where he confirms the facts of the allegations and elaborates on his motivations
  2. The Reddit moderators have confirmed the behavior is not welcome there

As should be obvious, it is not welcome here either.