Re-purchase Sarajevo Six?

What if you’re not on PS? Not even had access to it until now (not including mods and such)

IOI has been fixing and updating Hitman content on a monthly basis or so, faithfully for eight years so far, from 2016 when Hitman 1 was released.

There have been a few paid DLCs over the years, but most of the content in the World of Assassination is contained in the price of the single product now. Lots of video games make most of their money companies now on predatory microtransactions. There is a mountain of content in the World of Assassination product. IOI has been generous in keeping a crew faithfully updating and improving on Hitman.

I have no issue in repaying for the Sarajevo Six for the price of a coffee, even though it came with the PS3 version of Hitman 1.

Project 007 has Hitman DNA in it, and it likely will be a big blockbuster hit because of the decades that IOI has been perfecting the Stealth agent fantasy schtick.


Then you’ve never paid for the content. The content was PS4 exclusive.


Well people with the mod has played for years

Only PS could play it in 2016, people on PS never had to pay for it they got it for free didn’t they?

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1 year 8 months (a little over this if we’re being honest).

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So I have replayed Sarajevo Six on PS5. I was still new at Hitman2016 when I had it as free content on a PS4.

S6 is a little lame, especially with the Seiker or emetic grenade bomb in the suitcase trick which was not available in Hitman2016. Hard to remember hitman without a suitcase…

Any lame setup that gets me into those simulated environments of Hitman missions – I am OK with. I get into a flow state, where I am comforted in knowing every bit of each map, playing with the enemy AI with of the gear in the available sandbox.

I haven’t ventured into Freelancer much yet. Not in a rush because once I start and repeat Freelancer, it is really the end of the content of Hitman from IOI, and I am not ready to give up on Hitman yet…

I am hoping that Project 007 scratches that itch but it is a likely three years off from now, likely.

New Assassin’s Creed Mirage is mechanically less interesting stealth mechanics as Hitman. Also every time I have played a new Assassin’s Creed, it always has a samey feel, regardless of the set dressing of Egypt, Badhdad, Ireland, Paris or London. Ubisoft does this with FarCry too.

Each Hitman locations has a very different feel – I think this is one of the reasons that Hitman is still my forever game.


I think (not seeing anything on Mirage aside from reviews and such to avoid any thing i possibly can before i get it) that Egypt and Origins as a whole felt different from the rest, certainly from the games before because it was the first of the RPG ones but more so the newer ones afterwards felt different to me, it’s weird to explain, just know I’m the biggest Origins fan and defender, like Bayek is the best Hidden One/Assassin in the franchise sorry all

I’ve just come back to play Hitman after many many months (since Freelancer launch) and had this DLC thrown at me. This shouldn’t cost money when it was free to begin with.

The Storefronts have “checks” that detect each other when the consumer makes a purchase. If you buy a higher edition of a game, you’ll notice it locks the other lower editions. Providing the developer offers it, there’s typically “upgrade” pack that unlock when a consumer buys a lower tier version. Point being, IO can get Playstation to set the PS5 SS DLC to detect the PS4 SS DLC purchase and it defaults to free.

That saying, it should be free for all anyways as intended.

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That’s not how it was intended, though. That was Sarajevo Six for Hitman 2016, when it was negotiated to be that way as part of a PlayStation exclusive. Only those using the PlayStation console got to play it, free or otherwise. This is Sarajevo Six for Hitman: World of Assassination, where the content has been renegotiated on the grounds that it’s technically part of a new game. This version is available for all on any platform, at a price, and a very low one at that.


I am on a Playstation Console where the end user had this content for free, I am now expected to pay for the same content I currently have because it wasn’t ported day one? It’s right there on Hitman 2016 for myself. The content is the same (with the obvious exception to H3 logic) to which was rated at zero cost.

I can understand why other platforms would be charged because it is technically new additional content but Playstation are getting a paywall for 7-8 year old content. Really? I do also understand the dismay from other platforms if one platform has it for free.

Unfortunately, I won’t be buying something that was free to me 8 years ago.

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Sounds like you don’t need to buy it, then. You can just play it on H2016.


Yes. That’s the only availability without being paywalled for free content.

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And that’s okay. You don’t have to buy every DLC.

I didn’t mind tossing IOI five bucks after I got Ambrose and Freelancer for free, because I want them to succeed and I want them to keep making Hitman games (and because I really wanted S6 in H3 too!).

People who don’t want to pay for formerly exclusive content really don’t have to. No-one’s holding them at gunpoint (especially not 47), and it’s not like not being able to play S6 in H3 (or at all) means anyone is missing out on much. I like the briefings and the final mission, and it’s cool that we get to save now, but it’s nothing life changing.


For 5$ you will have 6 targets and missions through different levels.
That’s not top tier quality missions but for this price that’s okay :+1:

Or you could be like me who happily paid the $5 and hasn’t even started a single of the missions yet.


It was intended to be exclusive to the PS4; that’s why it was free. It was never in the short term plan to release them anywhere else, so the fact they did release them at all for WoA, and at a small cost too, seems fairly reasonable to me. It may even be a stipulation by Sony, we just don’t know.

I’ll be the first to admit these aren’t the best contracts out there, but 5/6 of them aren’t bad, they can be played offline, and are nice short contracts that can be enjoyable, and are probably more consistent than a good half of 2016’s ET’s are.

My one request is just adding a suit unlock for them; I think that’d make the price easier to swallow.


People with greed will always want whatever they can get for free even when they don’t realize they got a full map and mode for free (Ambrose & Freelancer).

To be fair, this argument could be countered with people with greed will always want to charge money for something that can be given away for free. I’m not making that argument, but it is one that could be used.

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Don’t be a clown. :clown_face:
They gave Ambrose and freelancer for free and charged $5 for Sarajevo.
Don’t know how you can even think of that opposite of the coin here unless…. Back to my first sentence.

Again, it’s not my position, but the position can be made. Also, again in fairness, Ambrose and Freelancer were part of a different set of releases where it had already been determined that there wouldn’t be any prices for them.