Re-purchase Sarajevo Six?

I have to buy Sarajevo Six again to play it Hitman 3? What gives?

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I bought it earlier today. It is a fair price after all, I mean it’s not expensive.
But I would had preferred to have it for free since I got it from Hitman 1 for preordering.


Yes. Likely no way to detect from your IO Account if you own it already for H2016.

It’s cheap tho

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$6.99 CAD to regain something i already bought? Thats my point. Its not expensive. But multiply that by all the people who also re-purchased it and you get tons of money. I was already on the fence about following Hitman. This is it for me. I’m a casual gamer as it is. Up until now I was willing patronize IO to experience new content. I am done with this. They will not get anymore money from me.

I mean, The Sarajevo Six were free to all Hitman 2016 owners on PS4. It wasn’t a paid addon to it.


$5 is a perfectly reasonable price for the content given.

If you disagree need I remind you Rockstar and Take 2 are charging $50 for a stripped down port of RDR1 on Nintendo Switch and PS4 with little changes.


Not to mention, Arcade Mode, Ambrose Island, and Freelancer were all free (unless I’m forgetting paying for one of them).


True. Why not just port it over again? I already have it for free for H1. Why would I buy it just to play it on H3? Was that the plan all along? Make H1 such a godawful game that no one would ever play it again? So they can sell me old content to play on H3 because I wouldn’t want to play it on H1?

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It was never the plan to bring Sarajevo Six to H3 for awhile, but plans change. The reason why IO is charging for the piece of content is as simple it’s not a core piece of content for the game.

It was for Free on PlayStation cause it was a contractual deal between Sony and IO. Content Exclusivity is a key factor on how to get people to settle with a specific console to purchase a game for. It’s an egregious practice and one that I don’t support.

It should also be recognized that Sarajevo Six were originally ET before they became “Special Assignments”

Freelancer, ET Arcade are core game modes and are part of IO’s Content Plan. Ambrose didn’t have to be free and they could of charged for it since at the end of the day its Premium Content like a new location that they didn’t have to give for everyone to enjoy at no additional cost. Need I also say they gave every essential location out for free outside of New York and Haven with the Freelancer Update as long as you own HITMAN 3. And for people who don’t wanna buy the full game they can still enjoy the Free Location Cycles that continue happening at no additional price.

It’s completely reasonable for IO to charge for content that is at best inconsequential and doesn’t take away from the core experience given they’ve already done more than enough for the general consumer to enjoy the majority of what HITMAN and the World of Assassination has to offer.

$5 is perfectly reasonable given IO has given 90% of HITMAN 3’s post launch content for free. With the exception of Cosmetic Packs, 7 Deadly Sins, Deluxe Escalations, and now Sarajevo Six.


It’s totally fine. Remember how we got horribly bad 7DS escalations as paid DLC, now six “okay-ish” missions are well worth a fiver if not just to support iO.

Thanks for bringing them to H3!


Fixed it for you.


Greed was maybe the worst time I’ve ever had with Hitman, that third level was sadistic and not in a fun way.
Sloth was… oof. Maybe that one was the worst time. Trial and Error in it’s worst way.
Wrath was a complete failure, finally giving us an escuse for an action map and then they botched it with not using their huge weapon rooster.
Envy was a nice idea on paper but effectively trial and error as well. (I always base my rating on 100% completion with all challenges). Trial and Error might be THE opposite of Hitman’s freedom and therefore the worst possible way of creating a mission in this franchise, especially in WoA. All those great maps and then ONE clear way, wtf

Lust was okay but too long for a no-save game mode which made it less fun to experiment with and therefore a bad experience

Pride had a nice idea, my favourite - of the 7DS.
Gluttony was somewhat okay, but still low-tier escalations. At least some freedom, which is - in my eyes - the most important base design in the Hitman franchise

→ 4 massive failures, maybe the worst content ever in the franchise (on par with some terrible H1 escalations - but they got removed. iO removed them, implying “we know they suck” but then they create and SELL new ones just as frustrating as those). 2 okay-ish missions, but no one would miss them. One that was at least on an acceptable level.

We were all disappointed when 7DS released. Thing is, for me that was not only a short shock with later relief. I still think that 7DS is the lowest point this franchise has ever reached.


You think most of them were that bad? You think that is the lowest the franchise has been? In the words of the Constant, get some perspective, please.


Well, I unironically do.
Mostly because I really love the series and find enjoyment in most of it’s content.

You could argue that, depending on taste but also given the age, older titles might be less fun than some of the 7DS, maybe H2SA’s Hidden Valley comes to mind or for some people Absolution as a whole. But for me, 7DS is the only part I’ve never replayed.

Let’s say there are a few maps or situations that are worse, still 7DS very, very low.

How would you rate them? What would you say are the lowest points?

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Well, the lowest points were obviously the first game (sorry Mr. Ochoa), and the story decision for End of an Era.

As to how I would rate the 7DS, I sort of did that in-depth with a side-by-side comparison of another game doing the 7 deadly sins concept as well. I’ve got it here:

And I think that’s where I’ll leave it because we’ve gone too far astray now.


It’s like how transferring progress wasn’t possible to do from Hitman 2016 to H2 since the engines have changed, it’d be impossible if a PlayStation user that already had TS6 on Hitman 2016 would be able to automatically have it on WoA for free, it’s not how it usually works. Well, maybe in this case, but the way those games were run were different, like a lot


Thank you for you feedback! I appreciate other opionions when they are explained.

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Play it in 2016 if you don’t want to pay for it.


How many times have you been just a floating gun?

What does this have to do for with re purchasing Sarajevo Six (even though it was free in 2016)