Real-life Sapienza

Has anyone ever figured out what Sapienza is based upon?

So far the only one I’ve come close to, is La Spezia- but it is not entirely right. If my memory serves me right, someone at this forum once managed to find a picture taken from a boat that were a spitting image of Sapienza. I am curious to know which town that was.

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Here’s a video I made a few years ago…


@badeaguard was there multiple times


I made a search of his journeys to Vernazza on his forum profile and found a few images

If I remember correctly there was a huge post about his journeys to Vernazza on the old forum.
Have you saved it @badeaguard ?


Vernazza and Portofino (and Amalfi Coast) seem to have been the main inspirations for Sapienza


I have been there 3 times. Totally different from the game.
It has bits of Sapienza here and there but it doesn’t come close to be as beautiful as it is in the game. Reality is often disappointing (get the Thanos pun?).
The town you are looking is called Vernazza.


Oh, come on, sounds like you don’t know the developers polish, wash, clean and sweep the in-game locations. I doubt Miami or New York look just like they are in GTA series in real life for example

I never been to Italy but I looked at Vernazza on google earth. The buildings look a lot older in real life. I am not sure if it was the time of year but it looked really congested there

Sapienza is fictional? Gotta be honest there, I didn’t know that. KInda weird considering so many real Locations like Paris, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Mumbai, Chongqing etc.

I mean it is obvious that Locations like Sgail, Haven or even Santa Fortuna are fictional, but Sapienza surprises me. (I know that WC Is fictional too, so that one is also still pretty clear, considering the fact that the Map is literally a Square.)


Do you mean it’s unrealistic because it’s a square? In reality, 90% of the United States is arranged in grids exactly like that. The whole country is a copy/paste job :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


They can’t be touch because they are unesco heritage. They can’t even paint over or change the windows.
We have such rules in my area too, Garda lake.
In fact I was very disappointed when I went there the first time because I was really expecting to be if not like Sapienza at least better.
But it does have it’s charm and I will go there a 4th time someday. Maybe again for my birthday.


Whittleton Creek is a pretty good representation of what a typical suburban housing development looks like. It’s a bit smaller than most, but not far off. It really does remind me of where I grew up. It may not be “real”, but you can find Whittleton Creek in a lot of suburbs.

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