[RELEASE] Sandbox Hantu Port

I was thinking about this since release, It does seem a bit unfair that guard suddenly detects his death and walks over. If I can find a way to make him not do that I’ll try, but the personal bodyguard logic is quite complex so no promises

EDIT: Was stuck between guard patrolling the entrance forever even when the guy leaves office, which is bad, or what we already had. I did a compromise and now you will have THREE minutes before the guard gets suspicious and searches, instead of 20 seconds.

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Not sure if this is an oversight or intentional, but I kinda find it funny how Re Thak can still escape even if you destroy her car. She just drives off as if it’s perfectly fine lmao


That’s a vanilla feature :slight_smile:


when it will be available on FV? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully by end of Thursday, after I’ve had a couple days off work

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0.9.1 - Small tweaks

This first update is just a series of small things that I could actually figure out how to do, trying to get through all the easy stuff

  • Improves Chinese translations (suanjiansalt on NexusMods)
  • Adds Lethal and Emetic Poisons to map
  • Blade’s bodyguard now waits three minutes to search for him upon his death
  • Deploy script now works on Microsoft Store version (Gamepass untested)
  • Cameras in any map no longer disappear on recorder being disabled
  • Peacock: Objectives show as complete on end screen

Freelancer Variations update coming next


just wanted to share for console players who still can’t play this


on master difficulty, there are two glitched port security guards in the shipping container with smith, and they seem almost physically linked to him somehow.
when he runs away, he drags one of them with him, on top of himself, as the other seems to phase in and out of reality.
also, in instinct i saw another lone port security guard, on a lower level of the ship, towards the back of the boat, in an unaccessible area.
are these just bugs/leftover assets, or am I to believe they’re part of some kind of easter egg?


Bugs, they originally worked but now they… don’t :confused:

Not sure what’s happened. If it’s NOT master mode, they’re set to teleport away the guards and make them disappear (I teleport them first because when you disable an NPC they drop any items they have, meaning free guns lying on the ground). Even though the thing making them teleport and disappear is the exact same entity, for some reason that entity is correctly NOT firing the disable event, but is wrongly firing the teleport event.


First of all, thank you for your work. Thanks to people like you, game is still alive :slight_smile: anyway I get to work Hantu in freelancer and also mission listed in sniper mod works fine, but Rainy night version does not display in my contracts. I have peacock plugin and mod deploy via SMF. I gues I need something like json file to copy into my contracts folder in peacock or ? Thanks for advice


Do you have latest Peacock version? Latest Peacock should take any offline contracts in a mod and put them into that My Contracts page automatically

I have v6.5.2 version latest found on discord.