[RELEASE] Sandbox Hantu Port

It’s finally here after the project began in late 2021, with me taking large breaks for Noodle Massacre and Freelancer Variations. Late last year Kercyx joined the team and progress sped up considerably. This project aimed to convert the Sniper Assassin game mode map of Hantu Port (H2 Expansion) into a proper sandbox map, and while there are some issues, it has more or less achieved that aim so we are releasing it as version 0.9 (Hoping to fix some notable issues in coming months if other knowledgeable modders contribute).

Gameplay features
  • NPC logic converted to sandbox mode
  • Starts and exits
  • New NPCs
  • New types of NPCs/outfits
  • Trespassing/Disguise zones and enforcers
  • Converted as many setpieces to be normal mode (pressable) instead of sniper mode (shootable)
  • Added basic dialogue to mission targets
  • Added all pathfinding/agility/obstacles/coverplanes that were non-existent
  • New hostage rescue system
  • Future Freelancer access (Via Freelancer Variants mod, using Isle of Sgail’s slot)
  • WIP rainy night ToD
  • NPCs given more appropriate accents
  • Background environment now complete and no longer has giant gap in it
  • All sniper gamemode aspects removed from gameplay
  • Items placed across map

To play, you can go offline by default and then go to Hantu Port in the destinations menu, or you can download the Peacock plugin , or you can wait for an SDK mod to play in vanilla server online. Please note that some challenges will be impossible to complete based on map changes. Very soon Hantu Port will be added to Freelancer Variations mod as an option under Isle of Sgail , it’s basically ready except right now some Showdown suspects refuse to escape and stand there glitched, so I’ll keep working at it for now.

Notable Issues

These are things that are not insignificant issues, and if I knew how to fix them I would, but obviously I don’t so… get over it

  • NPCs can hear through walls of some new rooms
  • Some instances of guards escorting hostages back to container are bugged, either they will stand there forever and/or the hostages will actually incorrectly follow you instead
  • Some distractions have unlimited range
  • On the ship some guards will be unable to take illegal items away leading to them dropping them and being re-spotted by someone leading to an infinite loop. They also may be unable to drag bodies away in certain areas of the ship.
  • If you use the weapon upgrade station you will treat two handed firearms as if they only needed one hand. No gameplay impact but looks very silly

Kevin Rudd : Project Manager, NPC changes/additions, New/changed outfits, outfit wet logic, disguise/trespassing zones + enforcers, CCTV systems, converting setpieces to sandbox mode, target dialogue, lighting changes, music change, starting locations, exits, accent work, new rooms, freelancer variant, sound design, background environment, agency pickups, blocked minimap since unable to get proper minimap, geotags, item placement, Mission area/boundaries, morgues, security stashes

@Kercyx: Assistant to the Project Manager, Coverplanes, Agility (Ledges + Railings), Pathfinding Obstacles, Player obstacles, Furnishing New and Old areas, lighting changes (Particularly new lamps), wet logic copies, weapon placement, odd jobs

@2kpr: New Hostage and Guard system (for rescue objective), Rain effect (for WIP ToD), linking helicopter takeoff sequence to helicopter exit, Resizing fueltank setpiece, template to link fence destruction to coverplane disappearing

@piepieonline: Script to copy Hantu Port to shared chunk (For Freelancer use), SDK mod to play online (Release date TBD)

Translations : Kercyx (French), @Dinozafr (Russian), Suanjiansalt (Chinese), Google (The rest)

And as usual, thanks to the various folks on Glacier2 Modding Discord for helping me out with little issues I had as they popped up (Particularly Notex, AnthonyFuller and probably Atampy, I’m sure there are others along the way)

Future updates

These are things I’m hoping will be done at some point in the future. I can’t guarantee them since many are things I don’t actually know how to do and require other people to pitch in

  • Finish wet logic for NPCs for Rainy Night ToD
  • SDK mod to play in vanilla online mode
  • Replace central crane with Mumbai interactable version instead
  • Fix things in the Notable Issues list above

This has been so much goddamn work that I’ve been wasting my life and prioritising it over things that might help my real life career, just so I could finally get it done. So I have no intention of doing the other sniper maps, which will require even more work due to being way more incomplete from having empty half-invisible buildings (This was the reason I chose Hantu in the first place despite not being as cool as the prison or as fancy as the mansion)

Freelancer Demonstration video (Coming soon to Freelancer Variations)


I hope this is also be made for siberia.


It’s brilliant, I love it! Only thing bugging me is the timer to finish the mission. I’d love to explore the map longer. Of course: Next time I’ll just pacify everyone to have all the time in the world.


anyone have a playthrough of it yet?

I’m playing it now. Targets are dead but for the love of god I cannot find a crowbar to extract the hostages.

Edit: Found one.

Discovered that the hostages will void SA if they “see” a body despite having a bag over their heads. :frowning: RIP SA.


This sounds amazing. Someone please post a playthrough or an exploration video… whatever you feel like posting for all us console guys who will never get to play it.


There shouldn’t be a timer :flushed:

Damn, that sounds like a mistake, not meant to be like that :confused:

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Maybe that’s the wrong word. But after a few minutes the targets escaped.

Were they alerted in any way?

Probably. I killed a few guards and got spotted.


Currently looking into newly discovered issues (We only playtested offline, not online or Peacock)

An update for the Peacock Plugin has just been released fixing the following issues:

  • Not showing objectives completed despite completing objectives
  • Methlab contract incorrectly included

Possible issues to be fixed:

  • Peacock rainy night contract has incorrect objective icon display, and does not show challenges
  • “Camera Destroyed” events on Professional Mode (My method for letting Hantu have Alerted Territory stuff despite having to share difficulty brick with Sgail)
  • Hostages voiding SA (to be confirmed)

SA - 3:45


Think I’m gonna have to make hostages immune to emetic, since they should not be allowed to just get up and leave unguarded :sweat_smile:

Also if you grab latest Peacock plugin you will now get your proper Silent Assassin rating


Feel free to just leave it as-is. Then again, my opinion is bit biased. :joy:

And not to add to the issues list but when the mod is installed, the main menu on Peacock will look like this:

Uninstalling the mod causes the issue to go away.


If you go to the SMF option and untick Playing On Official Servers it will apparently fix that
(I was intending to have the online mod ready at launch, that’s not happened yet)

EDIT: Looks like that didn’t help me

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Are there any poisons located/placed on the map? Just wondering since I’ve been looking everywhere on the map and can’t find a single one :pensive:

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This is amazing!! :heart_eyes:

I know you’ve said you aren’t doing them, but it would have been cool to see your work on Himmelstein & Siberia


Atm only a sedative. Could add one rat poison and one lethal for the Freelancer update

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I bought Hitman 3 for my pc despite already having it for console, just so I could play this. Money well spent.

Only nitpicks I have are the occasional extremely minor environment oversights here and there, and that I felt that the interior of the main office building/garage was a bit barren. Maybe could use a few more npcs to add some more life to it, and another route inside, unless there is already another, and I’m just missing a path.

Exploring the ship is such treat, love the scaffolding steps for those close calls with enforcers, and the bridge of the ship, really unique and fun to area to infiltrate. Something about the layout and placement of npcs overall just reminds me of the older games like Codename and SA, plenty of space to maneuver, all the while there are guards with long routes, just doing their own thing, and areas where you’re forced to navigate around guards in close proximity. The routes for npcs routes in this don’t feel “gimmicky” the way some routes for npcs feel with how they’re are placed in the new trilogy. Oh, and the hostage objective is fresh, exactly the kind of thing needed to shake up the trilogy.

Anyway, thanks for making this and hats off to you @Kevin_Rudd and your team!


also, has anyone found a way to snipe Jin Noo in his office without letting his body get found?

whenever I snipe him from the movable crane overlooking the office, it seems his personal bodyguard (who’s off lingering on the other side of the building) comes to investigate the room.