Remember ICA Yellow Troops?

Remember these guys?

From a time where the ICA thought it was a good idea to burn a town to the ground while sending soldiers with their secrety agency logo strapped on their clothes.

Would you like to see this yellow soldiers again?

I don’t think the designs are bad, honestly. I like the combination of black and yellow. It seems silly to have yellow camo tho, but maybe they could work as internal security? Kinda like the USS from Resident Evil that mostly does inside jobs.

What’s your take on these guys?


Good Lord, no!
I don’t care how secluded or disconnected from the world the town of Hope was but in the age of smartphones and internet, sending a paramilitary army with company logos all over, trashing the place, almost burning it to the ground is just one of the dumbest things that could come from Absolution’s writing. This along with the Saints AND many other things.
Like I said before, whomever wrote for Absolution shouldn’t be allowed to write anything more than fanfiction on the internet.

As for their design, sure, they’re decent. Nothing to complain :smiley:


No they aren’t, they are ICA grunts. Besides none of this happened in canon as far as I am concerned.

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The Praetorians were freelance mercenaries hired by Travis to be his personal bodyguards

I know right? lol it was way over the top. The Saints could’ve been done better if it were only them against 47. The small army destroying the place and killing witnesses was too much.


You know Birdie and Cosmo are loose ends!


They look like typical video game bad guys. So much so, I’d say they nailed the evil corporate soldier comic look, right from a teenagers’ wild dreams.


To be fair, in Absolution (the last level) you can hear grunts talking that the incident was disguised as the doing of some terrorist group. This explanation doesn’t really work but still :slightly_smiling_face:

And yeah, I was shocked the first time I saw this bullshit ICA private army. ICA is supposed to be a covert agency that serves as a mediator between hitmen and those who need some people dead. Not a PMC that turns places into a warzone


I could see them being used by ICA but as more of an security than a combat force.

If the town incident was costumed over as a local militia terrorist then 1) ICA can kill all communication 2) they found and destroyed every device that can take photos or video in the town and 3) they do this enough to warrant that kind of standing army? I mean kind as in the sheer numbers, they had to have 500 troopers :joy:.

As others have said, the idea of an ICA army is pure nonsense.

My biggest problem with this concept is that it ruins what the ICA was, like many others have said. We all thought that the rest of their operatives would be like 47, but more grounded in reality. With this in mind, a mission where other ICA operatives hunt you down sounds fantastic. You’d have to be careful; you’d frequently look behind you to make sure you’re alone, and you’d have to examine the NPC’s behaviour more than ever before just to know who’s an operative and who’s a civilian.
But no, nobody likes that, now the ICA has a millitia and they just destroy everything.
Do I remember them? Yes. Do I want them back? Please, no.


until absolution, i assumed ica was more like craig’s list with account managers.

“Hey! Weren’t you guys also in SPLINTER CELL: CONVICTION?” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I thought about this some more.

I guess if ICA had one team of, I don’t know, call it 10 men or 16 men tops, for operations that were different in nature than what 47 usually handles, or they had it as a just in case force or even security at their HQ or missile silo or on their floating boat HQ, I’d be ok with that. Taking over towns and having what appears to be limitless man power and air support? That’s still a hard no for me.


Well, the ICA has been described as an organization providing assassination and mercenary services, so I always expected them to function as a sort of PMC as well. Plus, if the training level from Contracts is anything to go by, then they indeed had paramilitary troops of sorts even before Absolution. That being said, the way they were depicted and utilized in Absolution was way, way over the top.


Is this thread a wishing well?
I want a million dollars!


The interesting thing about the Hope incident is, that we never actually see the ICA troops killing any civilians. They single-mindedly focus on taking out 47 and letting the civilians run away. Heck, even when Skurky fires at Travis, they pacify him by shooting him the leg and then letting him limp away. Compare that to the attack on the motel, where we saw them killing people.

My guess is the ICA/Travis was aware that it would be extremely hard to cover this up and that killing everyone in the town was impossible and would cause a very strong reaction from the US government. The original plan was probably to pretend this was a government operation against Dexter. But then the town started catching fire and they had to come up with another excuse. It was still a desperate plan that would never have worked and the fact that their troops had ICA logos on their uniforms was stupid.


Wait a second. I don’t think I even remember why this Hope attack occured in the first place :joy: Did they invade the city to catch 47 or whoop Dexter’s ass or what?

There main goal was to wipe out 47. The first sent in The Saint in a “covert” operation (involving a rocket launcher, lots of dead people and a gas leak cover-op) and when that failed Travis decided to send in the big guns. I assume recapturing Victoria was also a goal.

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the story is terrible in absolution. i won’t even pretend to know how travis is able to cover-up terrorist attacks in public that destroy an entire town, or why his elite squad is a bunch of sexy nuns with an RPG.

fun game though