Remove fixed foveated rendering, VR mode need some fixing

Is there a way to remove fixed foveated rendering in VR mode. I find it rather anoyying. Would like to have an option to turn it off and another to increase and reduce it. Cause right now its rather narrow and things look weird because of it. Like on somthing like a gtx 970 its helpfull but on a rtx 3080 with a Meta Quest pro its kinda pointless. I do intend of using VR mode with My Pimax Crystal when it comes in and the blurry edges from the foveated rendering will even be more noticable than on my Meta Quest pro.
I also have concerns about the game engine handeling wider FOV’S.

Also making the game compatible for optional eye tracking.

Another thing is opening up VR mode to the entire game. Being able to use VR with freelancer, patient zero, other side missions and escalades.

Also needs functionality improvments as well. Having the body follow where the head is, instead of the head being grounded to the body position. Or maybe a combo of the 2. When the head moves to far the body moves with it instead of stretching the body in weird way.

Would like to have these issues fixed by the next update if possible. Mainly the fixed foveated rendering one. Either to remove it entirely or to have options to turn it off and on and adjust the narroness and wide’ness of it.

This is stuff that i can think of that needs to be addressed. In consideration that hitman world of assasination trilogy was one of steams top VR games of 2022. That shouldnt be ignored and give the VR mode some well deserved TLC that it needs.

A little slightly off subject for the game. Some games still give significant updates even a decade later. Payday 2 is a notable influence. They keep bringing out DLC’s and significant updates even though its been 10 years since release. Maybe Hitman: WOA trilogy can get still some additional DLC’s some free, some paid for New locations, missions, weapons and tools, other playmodes.

(Edit) Now that I got a Pimax Crystal. It turns out that if I turn off Fixed Foveated Rendering in the Pimax app it turns it off in the game. :slight_smile:
I can also run the game on medium maybe higher using a Nvidia RTX 3080 using the Crystal.
I’m going to take a look at Oculus / Meta’s developer tools to see if I can turn off FFR through there when using something like the Quest lineup of headsets in PC link mode.

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