Replicas of in-game items


Way back when Season 1 first launched - before we migrated to the new servers - I and a few other people made different replicas of in-game items.
Sadly it got lost in the migration but I managed to find a USB drive with all of my own creations on it.

Here you can share all the things you made from the games, that the whole community can use or get inspired by - be it digital or physical creations.

If you upload anything template related, it’ll be organised down below


Original vial-Gendannet

(These are not 100% to scale, keep in mind when printing)
Credit: @RotaryOliver


Credit: @RotaryOliver


Credit: @H_I_T_M_A_N_Statue_F



Credit: @RotaryOliver


I remember making these during class, having more fun on this forum than what I was supposed to study hahah

They’ve become a bit weathered with time and I never got to fill the vials with food colouring, but oh well.


Did try replica the boarding pass from trailer:


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It’s really well made! :pray:


Thank you! I remember saving all those poison lables hahah im still impressed at how good they look!


Coincidence tomorrow I’m going to take the gun to finish it.
But besides this final ambition I kinda lost interest in the Hitman world. It comes and goes with the years.
Another project I still have in mind to do is the black tie with the logo from the trinity pack and I will replicate it in the most elegant and professional way.


If you succeed and happen to make two, I’ll happily buy the other one from you :pray:


Thank you! Had a blast making them. I remember someone in here taking screenshots of all the vials up close through a sniper scope and me trying my best to replicate them during class.

Wish I still had a PC with photoshop on it. There’s a lot of stuff from the newer games I would love to recreate!

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Well today after letting the Silverballer replica something lighten up inside me to replicate something more and I just sent now an email asking for a special custom service about that tie.
What I had in mind for long time is to make something like this:


Not your usual printed logo and just attached there. Like all my replicas they have to be unique and of course the made in Italy gives it a much more glamours vibe.
Not to mention the tie is made out of silk and also in Italy.

Be back soon and @RotaryOliver I asked to make 2 :sunglasses:


I swear you’ve the best! Thank you infinitely much bro! :pray:

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Delgardo wine (2).PNG

Few years back I did try recreate the wine lable from blood money.


I had in mind for a very long time to replicate 47’s tattoo from Absolution and I want that one because it’s the most good looking and perfectly made. I mean it fits so good.
The one from the last games often looks like a cheap knockoff sometimes.

So like everything I try to replicate it has to be identical and true to the game in proportion of course with reality.

I used 47’s ears as reference on how high it should be placed on the back of the head. Thanks to my girlfriend’s help we came up with the perfect length (for my head) to look just like his.
Please don’t mind the dots on my head. I got a bad irritation from shaving.
Luckily me and 47 share the same back head shape.

I will make one of those temporary tattoos. There are already some available online for Hitman cosplay but they kinda miss the big picture and the bars are not allied the same.
But hey, nobody notice or remembers the exact length of the bars.


Tattoos came but I don’t have the occasion to try them yet. I need to let my hair grow a bit before cutting it off and clean shave.

But in the meanwhile I am working on another project that shouldn’t take long to replicate.
The WA2000 muzzle from Blood Money.

For those who don’t know, I do own a WA2000 (airsoft)


I finally got the chance to shave. Here are some pics.
I went to work like this to see what my coworkers would say and so far everyone believed it was real. They had a laugh because it’s a strange tattoo.

Being very satisfied about the result I think it should be slightly smaller and I will go for another effect of color that will give the impression of being older.