[Request] Better bug submission/issue tracking platform

Does IOI have a better issues tracker than this forum or is that against company policy? (I know some companies are super strict about their tooling)

Would be great if there was a Gitlab/Github or any other issue board to help sort/tag/triage/communicate on the bug reports.

If they haven’t already been considered, they are free (some fully open source), widely used and will make it really easy for customers like myself to look up if my bug has already been reported, where if it has, I can contribute to the existing discussion of that report contextually.

These platforms grant you the capacity to add tags and search by combinations of tags. For instance you could set up: platform:pc, platform:ps5, store:steam, store:epic, mode:vr.

Say I want to submit an issue for PCVR, prior to posting it I could look up all posts for "platform:pc + mode:vr"

Offering a quality platform for bug submission and interacting with the community directly would help us feel listened to and increase the amount of patience we have seeing our bug is already up and there are discussions on it.

I’m a software engineer myself; I’m happy to set any public issue tracker up for you, set you as the owners and delete my account from it (I can still post as any other regular user could)

Gitlab in particular is open source so you can self host it and cover it in your own branding - or just use it via their website



I don’t know if it’s better or not, but those submissions go directly to IOI studio