Request: make keypad doors in Other modes accessible via any code

So I don’t play story mode that much. I’m more of a contacts player and I don’t have the time to play the game for 40hours a week like I once did and find these codes and another thing, remember them. Even if I write then down or even search online for these pass codes, it makes the game annoying.

Paris started when locked doors. You could use keys, crow bars, bombs etc.
Sapienza got keypad doors which needed a keycard or a hack card.
Hokkaido got disguise accessible doors. This was awesome.
But now it’s got to the point where we have to manually enter codes that we have to remember EVERY SINGLE TIME we play? I find this very frustrating and I kinda hate playing changhong (however you spell it).

So I’m thinking maybe outside main story mode, make all keypad codes work with any 4 digits. Or something to help players not have to do outside searching from something that was already done when playing the game earlier.

Anyone else find keypads being manually entered frustrating?

If doors can be opened with any code, why keep the lock?


I’d say have it come up in a note when 47 is nearby and would hear it, much like all the other intel notes, so at least it pops up
Or if you get it once, it unlocks similar to shortcut ladders. Each time is a chore when you don’t play a lot and you tend to forget. It’s not like speedrunners or people who play a lot listen to the conversation to get the code each time they play the mission; it’s just in memory


I don’t think that 0647 in Dubai and 2552 and 0118 in Chonqing are that hard to remember. If you can remember your bank PIN, I think these are easy.
Also, there are in-level helpers to get the numbers. It’s on the whiteboard in the staff meeting room in Dubai. And in Chongqing there’s a post-it on the stairs behind the laundry, a woman behind the restaurant literally says it out loud, and it’s on two different whiteboards in Hush’s building.


I hardly play story mode. I play contracts. I don’t like the idea that I have deter from my path just to get codes. And again, I hardly play so I have hardly any idea where these codes are. I don’t want to spend hours to find them.

I’m just starting my frustration that I can use items to get through other doors like a keycard or locked or even a disguised accessible door in Hokkaido compared to finding these codes that I have to manually enter. I just think it was a terrible idea because it creates problems for ppl who don’t play much.

So you’re saying these are the only 3 codes I need to remember? That’s all the codes there are? See? That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t play enough to even know that. You’re telling me as if I do play. You also tell me based on what I just stating in the OP.

Hitman is the only game I play and when I play it’s maybe 1-3 times a week for only a couple hours at a time. And with so many maps, how much time am I really spending to find out how many codes there are if I’m also playing other maps?

There’s also Alexa(?) Carlisle’s safe combination. I can easily remember it because it’s the same year I was born. :sweat_smile:


The code is 4706 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I agree though, and besides even if you do forget 4706 relates to 47 and Grey, 1945 in Mendoza is the year on the wine, and there’s a good few ways to get 2552 and 0118 in Chongqing.

Well there ya go. I play relatively often and still got Dubai’s code wrong. Probably because it’s only one door and it’s easily avoided.


If you don’t want to remember codes there are always ways around those doors. So don’t remember them. You’ll just have to take the long way around.

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I’m not against remembering codes, I just don’t know how many codes there are and where to find them. I don’t have the time to play a lot these days.

Since it’s been said there’s only 3 codes, I’m kinda fine with that. I thought every door had a different code and I was annoyed that I need to play the game in a different way where as other doors are accessible via items in game.

Actually I wish the codes randomised each time so you would have to actually go to the place where you find out what it is in order to obtain entrance.

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I gotta disagree with ya, bro.

OK, you do not play story mode. The same hints are in the game during contracts.

You do not play as much now. Neither do I, but the WoA trilogy is easy enough as it is. We need SOME challenge. If you have trouble remembering them, write them down.

These codes are like talking to A Pimp Named Slickback. Yes, you have to say the whole thing. YES, every time.

Nothing against you, but this is a request I hope is never honored.


I agree with that. Story mode is fine like that

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Codes on a keypad is not a challenge. Maybe for me tho. :thinking:

To be fair, I do not always remember them either. But if I know I am going to H3 maps, I know that all six of them have codes to remember so I keep them close by in case I forget. That is the best thing that I can recommend.


Write them down on the back of your controller or on the bottom of your fav pair of high heels (=

Thanks for proving my point that I need to vandalize my gucci high heels in order to play a video game.

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Theyre really easy to remember. 4706 is 47 and Grey, 0118 repeats a number, 2006 is the Yates anniversary

I see your point, but I would also note that having to use the codes can save you from having to equip or find a lockpick, crowbar, keycard hack, and/or some weapon that can open the door, hatch, or safe. striking the right balance in your loadout is half the battle.

my biggest complaint about the keypads is how long it takes to enter the code. also, once you enter a code, it should open or reset… having to push OK or DEL is frustrating… especially when trying to speedrun.

also, a keycard scrambler should open them after a slight delay.