[Research] NPC Reactions

I’m aware that NPCs can be put into different states depending on what’s going on. Explosions, shooting them in the leg so they fall over, shooting (including the three shot panic), and so on.

However, is there anywhere that documents what kind of reaction they will have?

I’m trying to manipulate NPCs in crowded spaces, so this info would be useful if there is any kind of resource available.


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Short version: I dont believe that there is an entire Document about panics and what they all acheive.

Not sure if this is 100% correct but ill try my Best. Explosions make NPC panic and run to a random position (every time i think) and guards will got to the exlosion location. Shooting guards in the leg (or anywhere exept the head) will make them and run towards your location after a while, If another guard is nearby they are also alerted. When you shoot an NPC in the body/legs they will be blinded to all illegal action that you commit for a short while. Other NPCs will hear the scream guards are Alerted and run to the NPC (I Think) other civilian NPCs will See the Other Paniced NPCs and also panic enforcing the same actions. Double shoting near guards make the investigate aroud the bullets. Double shoting Near civilians will make them report it to a guard and then they will stay where the guards were until they are done investigating.

However there might be something useful On the Hitruns Wiki.

You could also Join F7SC Discord to ask about it


Thanks, that’s really helpful! I’ll play around with that and see what happens!

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One thing that isn’t very apparent until you start doing stuff for puzzles is that behaviors can stack in a sort of LIFO fashion.

So for example, you can emetic someone to make them sick. Then tranq them. When they’re woken up and finish the animation related to that, they’ll resume being sick.

If you emetic, tranq and then steal their clothes, when they get woken up, they’ll enter into a ”clothing panic”. After doing the wake up stuff, they’ll bolt to a seemingly random (but actually deterministic I think) location in a panic. At that point, they’ll realize they have no clothes and run towards the nearest wardrobe for clothes. Once they’ve retrieved new clothes, they’ll resume being sick and, most importantly, rechoose their vomiting location.


Yeah no such thing really exists as it would be a pretty big endeavour and there are few people who even understand most of the mechanics, never mind being able to define all of them correctly without missing anything and taking emergent scenarios into consideration. There are so many obscure ways of manipulating NPCs that can often be combined and sometimes even stacked as @aexia points out. There are also many misinterpretations that often get made and echoed and there can probably be endless debate over the facts. Even IOI have explicitly forgone explaining some things (the ‘Sniper Shot Location’ AKA ‘triple shot’ mechanic, for instance) due to the complexity of the systems in the game:

The complexity of our game and it’s various potential states makes it difficult to give a full explanation of all of the possible scenarios and reactions that could play out.

That said, I have wanted to give it a crack for a while and try to cover as much as I can, even the most obscure things I know of, but it will take a lot of work in structuring it so the information is well broken down and organised and doesn’t become another “40 random tricks you never knew!” type video.


Thanks for the responses! Helped me a lot!