Reset account profile?

Hey everyone, I’m new here and to hitman, somewhat. I bought the game on steam recently and at some point made an IOI account. Now, since I want to redo certain things in the game (like challenges) and there is no way to do them otherwise, I want to reset my profile. However, I obviously do not want to lose the game itself (or for that matter, all the things that I bought). I don’t care if my progress gets erased. Can someone help me out?

P.s if this somehow let’s me play the elusive targets, that would be great, since by the time I got the game, I had missed all of them.

Elusive Targets are tiimed contracts and are held on the server’s side. Thus have nothing to do with player’s progress.
Next round of Elusive Targets is promised to be in HITMAN 3, though we don’t know any details yet


The best solution is to make a new Steam account and Family Share Hitman with it. This account then can start over while your main account is untouched.

Elusive Targets are gone in any way.


Thanks. So, I just have to send them an email I guess.

Oh thanks, I didn’t know one could do that. Thanks for the help. @Urben