Reset Elusive target Arcade

Hello everyone,
So i strated to play ETA, and i played the pack of H1 that have a 5 levels.
So i arrive to Level 2 and finish it and than i just wanted to Reset the Elusive target for play again lvl 1 and lvl 2 and improve my score… and i dont wanna go through lvl 3 again… why i am not seeing a button that Reset this Escalation like the other ones???

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You’ll need to finish the last or 5th one before it will let you reset. Maybe you can rush through them without getting SA.

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Meh this is crazy
Why they didnt do that like the other eacalation.
ETA have alot of content to play sometimes i just want to play a special one😓

The challenge of the Arcade is to go through the chain of targets in one run back-to-back. It’s not designed as a way to replay a specific target.

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If you fail one of the later ETs in the series, you will reset back to the first ET. That’s what happened to me with a condition when I accidentally change disguises a second time and failed in a later ET.

I am not sure if it is intended to be like that as the only other time I fail was on the first ET, so I can’t fully confirm this.

That is why, as far as we know, the plan is to release the ETs multiple times in different contracts with different orders and complications, for reasons such as this.

It’s also why many of us are hoping that when it’s all said and done, all ETs are made available to just play individually through this mode.