[Resolved] How does one use the hide details feature?

Same as the title, how can I use the hide details feature when creating a topic or post. I know where the button is to use the feature, however when I click on it, both when I have text of interested highlighted and not, nothing seems to happen when I press the button.

I’m probably just being really dumb right now, but could someone clarify how exactly the feature works (and how you know it’s worked)?

Just simply click hide details without highlighting the text
You should see this:
[ details=“Summary” ]
This text will be hidden

Delete “Summary” without removing the quotation marks and write the text that you want to be shown before clicking on it.

Between the Summary and the /details lines, delete “This text will be hidden” and write the contents there.

Here’s an example:

[ details=“This is the title” ]
This is the content

this would look like this:

This is the title

This is the content

Hope this helps!


Thank you, seems as though the problem was the device I was using (doesn’t seem like this feature works on iPad, worked perfectly fine on my phone however).