Rich Harvest trophy/achievement bugged?

closing statement wont tick off even if it’s completed but the only way to get around this atm is to wipe your progress online.

This trophy bugged for me too, ive done mission stories multiple times and with different steps all followed at perfection. Anyone found a workaround for this yet?

Without deleting hitman profile of course, i don’t wanna lose all my unlocks and 500 levels.

I miss only this trophy and mendoza level 20 for the platinum.

If it’s any help to anyone, I’ve found the mission story trophy only unlocks when exfiltrating a mission or loading into a save file on that specific mission. Same as some Feats trohpies (like the “Photograph the Bird” trophy in Berlin.)

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Tried doing all mission stories with secret one too with exiting mission but nothing only trophy left it’s very frustrating

Ah, darn. That’s very strange.

Various trophies are glitching for people and not popping. IO are investigating it (as per the Known Issues) and will roll out a fix in a patch later on.

Hopefully it’s the February update so I can get that Platinum… :drooling_face:

I have this same problem as well. Mission story trophies for all H3 maps are bugged for me including the 15 shortcuts one too.

The trouble is, they aren’t replying to anyone asking about trophies.
IO have awful service.

This trophy still not popping even after the February patch on ps4.

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Same for me


That would be because the patch didn’t fix it, nor did it attempt to. The only trophies that were fixed were the “Reach Mastery Level 20” ones.

Did you even read the patch notes?

Sorry my bad. Didn’t read the patch note.

It’s still a good idea to let the devs know which trophies are bugged.

Having the same issues as the OP, has this glitch been fixed in the past and resurfaced with the latest patch? I haven’t done the secret story mission yet so hopefully that may trigger it :man_shrugging:t2:
I’ve left feedback in the bug reporting thread so hopefully all this glitches get ironed out.

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Mine popped once I started the mission, have you tried that? If not maybe try completing the hidden mission story again?

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Thanks for the reply, I got the trophy by doing the secret mission at the end of the “Tour” mission. Mine popped at the results screen.

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Good man! Got your platinum trophy now too?

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No, not yet. Got a couple more on Mendoza to finish then all the Carpathian Mountains to do for 100%. Bugs aside I think this game is brilliant.

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Agreed! Fingers crossed most will be patched out on the next one :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m locked out of the Rich Harvest trophy because the game won’t recognize the completion of the Mission Story: Closing Statement.

Waited almost 3 months to start Hitman 3, in the hopes that the bugs would be ironed-out, but it seems that they are still quite prevalent, and this one seems to have been reported on 3 months ago.

I would have waited longer to begin, but I didn’t want to miss out on all the Elusive Targets…Anyway, good luck to us all. The players, and the staff at IOI. I hope they can get these problems solved soon.