Rocky Mountains, YOU BETTER WATCH OUT (Mission #6) - Discussion Thread

WoA style discussion for YBWO, feel free to discuss here
Hello, 47.
Your next assignment’s in the Rocky Mountains. Senator Bingham is being blackmailed by pornography tycoon Lorne de Havilland, who has a compromising video of the senator’s son, Chad. The video shows Chad playing a little too rough with a nightclub dancer during a creative sexual tryst at one of de Havilland’s adult nightclubs. The girl didn’t survive the encounter.

Senator Bingham’s involved in a tight re-election campaign. The video could cost him the election. So could any future misbehavior by his son. Our client wants Havilland and Chad taken out. He also wants the videotape. The client’s arranged for Chad to attend de Havilland’s annual Christmas party at the porn tycoon’s mountain estate. We’ve got a recent photo of Chad but de Havilland is camera-shy and the most recent picture we could get our hands on is ten years old. This won’t be easy, 47. The property isn’t heavily guarded, but there will be heavy security on the premises.


  • Kill Lorne de Havilland.
  • Kill Chad Bingham, Jr.
  • Retrieve the video tape.
  • Escape the Rocky Mountains.
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Lol I didn’t make the briefings, they’re all listed on the wiki. And these threads are for discussion about sperate missions, like trivia, opinions, tips and tricks


When I (poisoned) aphrodisiac’ed Chad Bingham’s wine, I heard he and an npc are supposed to have some privacy in one of the “love” rooms. When I went into the room with Bingham in and the npc not in, they decided to disband their private occasion and Bingham went into the balcony downstairs. Is this a normal thing that happens?


Could be. I know that if you “disturb” the meeting by entering the room when they are “playing”, they instantly stop. Bingham takes the road to the balcony while the girl returns to the party. So, I guess if you are already in the room before, the meeting doesn’t happen.


This is my favorite Blood Money mission. It’s so iconic. The Christmas themed party in the Rocky Mountains. The female assassin scared me the first time I played though :joy:


Was some kind of antismoking mission, sine have killed both targets when they were smoking. :grinning: