Romania, THE MEAT KING’S PARTY (Mission #2) - Discussion Thread

Our client believes his daughter was kidnapped and possibly killed by self - proclaimed “Meat King” Campbell Sturrock. Assassinate him and his lawyer, Andrei Puschus and get " The Girl".

Sturrock was prosecuted for the kidnapping but despite the overwhelming evidence against him his lawyer got him off through a technicality of Romanian law and some well-placed bribes. They’re having a party to celebrate their courtroom victory tonight, so the security is going to be tight at the plant. Even so, it’s an ideal opportunity to assassinate the targets. The large number of guests and staff at tonight’s party should give you plenty of opportunities to get close to both men.


  • Campbell Sturrock, “The Meat King”
  • Andrei Puscus, “The Lawyer”

Acum iti simt carnea = I now feel your flesh