Roulette Rivals World Championship 2022

Roulette Rivals World Championship 2022 Sign-ups

The biggest Hitman Tournament of the year will start this Friday. Sign-ups are still open for two more days.
There is a player limit of 64, so make sure you don’t miss it!

What is it?

In Roulette Rivals you go headsup against another player in main missions. Once a mission is selected, an admin will spin the hitman roulette wheel (
The admin will give the roulette restrictions info to both players, and give the sign to officially start the match. Players are allowed to use every item and spawn location they want.

Who ever finishes the mission with a 5 star SA rating first in real time, wins the map. Repeat: This is NOT about the fastest time, but about who ever finishes the mission first with a 5 star SA rating.

Do you play it safe? Takes longer, but you wouldn’t have to restart. Or do you play it risky to get that awesome time, with the potential of a lot of restarts.


Besides the prize money for the top 3, there will be an unique physical trophy for the champion, handmade and provided by Silversurfer.

Tournament Layout

Open for all platforms, cross-platform tournament.

Streaming your matches is mandatory.

Two-stage tournament:

Group Stage: 8 players per group. Each player will play one match (3 maps) versus each player in their group.

Knockout stage: The top four players from each group will proceed to the knockout stage, which is a double-elimination bracket.


Groupstages start: October 14th.
Groupstages end: November 6th.

KO stages start: November 7th.
Grand Finals: December 4th.


Unfortunately I don’t stream and I’ll be away for the start of the tournament that I won’t be able to compete in a timely fashion. But good luck to the participants.


Understandable. And thank you

frote when will the tournament start

Dates are in the post

What a great event

I would love to participate.