Ruby Rude and endless unlocks

The situation with this collection of weapon skins is a tipping point that determines (with the participation of the community) what happens next with the game.

Frankly, I love challenges and new rewards for them, but this skin pack disappoints me. The game is increasingly turning into a comic shooter or Saints Row or a CS:GO store.

The best way, in my opinion, would be to create a contract store in Freelancer mode.

Where for fake (game) money / credits you can buy a whole collection (including skins for a pistol, SMG, shotgun, sniper rifle and / or case).

A good example would be the collection of white weapons from the agency (ICA) from the “train mission”.

Thus, interesting and unique items would appear in the unlocks of tests and contracts. Then cosmetic and extravagant outfits and skins would become a feature of the Freelance mod and users would have a choice: unlock them for credits from contracts or leave them, despite passing one or another test or contract.

What is your opinion?


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Just like any games, you can also just ignore them :thinking: and people who like them can get them


I think they’re saying that the amount of different weapons we’re getting just with a different skin is getting old as “new unlocks” being featured, so an alternative to this endless deluge of re-skins could be a way to unlock them in Freelancer Mode instead?

Honestly, that doesn’t sound half bad given the amount of reskins we’ve got already (and others I can’t mention), but at the same time, these other looks for weapons are kind of driving Hitman’s current unlocks/bonus challenges system – like the Floral Pistol this month in DGS – and I don’t really see why instead of unlocking it through X challenge you could ‘buy’ it with Y Freelancer currency.


IMO, they do make some sense sometimes in that if you didn’t purchase certain content, weapons with certain attributes aren’t available to players. For instance, the Seiger 300 Ghost. Unless you bought the Hitman 2016 GOTY DLC, you can’t get it. The 300 Ruby Rude, though IMO it looks a bit ridiculous, has identical performance capabilities to the 300 Ghost.

Also, in fairness, the newer unlocks that may be coming soon (see the unlocks thread for more details) do include stuff that until now hasn’t been part of 47’s permanent equipment.

Or IOI could use the same time it takes to make an array of lazy copy items to make a few novel and unique items.

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I’d rather they do that, or at least make tweaked versions of what they already have rather than simple reskins, but I’m not in charge of the team that IOI has working on Hitman 3 updates.