Ruddy's "Modded" Contract Pack (PS4/PC)

These contracts are on maps and variations that do not have Contracts Mode, many also make use of Escalation complications such as Required Starting Location and Mandatory Loadout. These do not require you to do anything but search them

By now you would have seen at least some of these contracts somewhere, I’ve created this thread so they’re all in a single post and easy to find. It’s also a place where you can post playthroughs, give feedback, and pitch suggestions if I decide to make a second ‘pack’ in the future. I may also be dropping a couple silly contracts in this thread exclusively.

**The Contracts**

Freeform Training


The Corky Commotion : Unsilent Majority Loud Guns
Holiday Hoarders : The Red Menace Kill the Santa

Sapienza - The Author


Patient Zero

Dexter Discordance : Neighbours Adds NPCs to residences, you must pick which weapon will be unsilenced

Santa Fortuna

  • Crowd Uncontrol Take out guards during musical performance
  • Coca Pops (By TheContractor and Kevin Rudd) Kill using Coca fields to hide bodies
  • Race: Santa Fortuna No Target (kinda shit tbh, there was a super easy solution I didn’t know about)
  • The Mob Wife Escape, and kill Catalina; but don’t KO anyone!

Mumbai: Illusions of Grandeur

  • Moved On Kill three special characters however you want

Isle of Sgail

  • Jailbreak Escape Jail and get the flare without changing your outfit
  • Choose Your Weapon Kill 8 people as a Knight with any of the melee weapons on the wall
  • Thief Simulator (by Agent420 and Kevin Rudd) Steal the Cloud Serpent Necklace

New York: Dalton Dissection

Haven Island: Bartholemew Hornswoggle

Explainer and FAQ

How do I find them?

Well click the links in the dropdown above, but if you’re on PC you MUST type the ID into Contract Lookup, otherwise it will not show up due to some of these being on maps that the search system doesn’t know how to categorise (Patient Zero, Freeform Training)

If you’re on PS4 Contract Lookup will not work, because their IDs start with “1-”, and your puny console does not allow you to type anything other than “2-”, so I’ve put ‘codes’ in the briefings of most of them so hopefully you don’t have to type out the whole mission name, AND hopefully only the correct contract will show up. There are some exceptions to this rule. Don’t bother zooming in on the picture, it’s missing some PS4 codes, use the links below

Why no Xbox?? :triumph: :triumph:

For some reason this method just doesn’t work on Xbox even though it does on PS4. Don’t ask me why, I don’t work at IO. I published a few but only my device can see them for some reason. You can always try you luck and see if one magically shows up, I gave it the searchphrase 2-NEWYORK-11

So are these mods? How do you do it?

They’re not actually mods, I’m constrained by normal contracts mode, I’ve just used fancy pants programs and specialist knowledge to apply normal contracts mode to maps and variations that it doesn’t let you click on from the contracts menu. Sadly I can’t tell you how (It’s a big hassle anyway) because you can just pick any ET and make them a target in contracts mode, like I did as an experiment (which wasn’t meant to be searchable, turns out I was wrong) and was very naughty of me and I promised never to do again x

EDIT: The latest ‘update’ has blocked the program I used from working with H2 anymore, so it’s now impossible. The program was Fiddler if you were curious.

ID List (PC)
1-99-8096225-52 _ Get To The Choppa!
1-99-1806439-52 _ Lose Yourself
1-99-2158138-52 _ Bandolier
1-02-5354056-52 _ Unsilent Majority
1-02-9908501-52 _ The Red Menace
1-15-2544311-52 _ I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost
1-18-5868284-52 _ Swords and Shotguns
1-18-8431041-52 _ Trolley Solution
1-18-6083611-52 _ The Great Escape
1-10-2428118-52 _ Neighbors
1-12-0937403-52 _ Crowd Uncontrol
1-12-8335716-52 _ Coco Pops
1-12-9863356-52 _ Race: Santa Fortuna
1-12-2626221-52 _ The Mob Wife
1-99-9183548-52 _ Moved On
1-21-7353653-52 _ Jailbreak
1-21-6535797-52 _ Choose Your Weapon
1-21-1078067-52 _ Thief Simulator
1-24-8772799-52 _ Infiltration: New York
1-26-0504420-52 _ Grand Theft Water
1-26-8500562-52 _ Captain Jack Magpie
1-11-5422110-52 _ Chase-ing A Ghost
1-99-3740104-52 _ Back To The Future

Other contract designers featured:
@420, @TheContractor, @Urben

UPDATE: PS4 contracts have been removed, but not the PC ones


Bonus: The Dud Contracts

These contracts are dumb, but were made for the sake of being made. They didn’t make the official batch.

Chase-ing A Ghost
This is a broken, solo Ghost Mode.

Kill one of the specific Mark Chase spawns; if he doesn’t spawn for you? Tough luck, keep restarting lel.
Only play if you’re seriously desperate for a fix of something resembling Ghost Mode

  • PC: 1-11-5422110-52
  • PS4: 2-GM-11

Back To The Future (PC only)
Save Caruso’s childhood and stop him becoming an evil murderer… by killing his mother

Complete RNG contract where target is in middle of crowd, not worth remaking, but here it is if someone on PC wants to punish themselves

PC: 1-99-3740104-52

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They changed their name to just @420.