Rumors about a new Hitman game - let's wait together!

This thread is for collecting and posting all rumors and speculation regarding a new Hitman game, as well as sharing any media discussions about it.

  • Has any website posted or speculated about an upcoming Hitman game?
  • Have you come across any mysterious Twitter/X or other social media posts from an IO Interactive employee?
  • Is David Bateson seen lurking near the IO Interactive office?
  • Has Jesper Kyd, the composer for previous Hitman games, recently updated his LinkedIn profile to mention IO Interactive?
  • Is IO Interactive currently hiring?

Basically, share anything relevant during these dry times with no new Hitman content!


I, unfortunately, expect this thread to have a slow start simply because there might be little to no news at all for a long time. But that, my friends, should not stop you from posting even the most minor (and maybe a bit far-fetched) rumors or “suspicious” behavior from IO,

Let’s speculate! :slight_smile:


Not the IO offices, no but he’s still lurking and waiting for his next assignment :grin:


I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I myself can’t wait to check into this thread in like 6 years to see more about this Next Hitman Game lol

What the fuck, that’s an awesome promo for that event! Congrats to the marketing team on that one (and I assume IOI who had some hand in approving the use of Bateson-47…)


Oh boy, then let me tell you about this.

I have been part of Hitmanforum since 2005 in the old days. Glory days.

But then, after the Blood Money release in 2006, I, together with hundreds of fans, waited all the way to 2012 with almost no news at all.

HMF was basically dead by then. No fans were sticking around and those who were weren’t mostly really Hitman fans anymore. Those forum members were mostly just socializing in the off topic session and couldn’t care less for Hitman. A bit weird when you think about it.

Somehow my stomach feeling says that we might be in for a long long wait again this time.

Have IO even hinted about a future plan for a new Hitman game? I’m not totally aware of this actually


The latest ‘news’ is a GamesRadar article from January: “There’ll be more chapters written in the Hitman story, that’s for sure.”, so says Christian Elverdam. IO’s Hitman team is the smallest, and Project 007 and Project Fantasy are the games being focused on.


Uh. This to me indicates that we are in fact in for long wait.

But let’s see.

Do you guys think we might see Hitman in the same way and feel as the previous 3 games? Or will they change the formula and feel a bit as we saw from Absolution to the newer games?

I hope for a more darker Hitman in tone. I think this could be awesome. Especially since IO are developing a 007 game, then they should allow themselves to go in a more different direction for Hitman in terms of story and feel (less “agent”, more “urban legend”, kind of. If that makes sense for you).


Same. I honestly hope IO Interactive takes all the time they need. We might have to wait even longer with 007 and their new fantasy game in the pipeline. I wouldn’t mind waiting a few years. I sleep on the existing games in the franchise, theyre great to revisit from time to time. After 8 years of WOA I can’t imagine some people are not getting Hitman-fatigue. Its still the same thing after years. A new hitman game withing a few years wouldn’t feel entirely fresh at this point.

Let them cook. WOA was ambitious, so IO likely aims to surpass that. Games like these aren’t made in just a few months like 20 years ago. Patience will be rewarded.


I just want the time between the two stories to have been used for Diana to create a new ICA, and she and 47 are back to their usual kind of work, receiving contracts on high-profile targets that have become prominent in the years since Providence fell, but this time, no overarching story, or at least not a very prominent one. Let’s just let the missions be their own missions, their own stories, one-and-done, with 47 not being manipulated into getting involved in some big agenda or conspiracy.


I don’t expect a new Hitman until a new formula is conceptualized, and new technologies are created.

  • Formula-wise:

The current formula has been pretty much fully explored.
Even some of the firstly flawed realisations of level concepts have been retried, polished. (Like Marrakesh/Chongqing, for the dual dwellers with separate social hierarchies and fortresses, linked by a city and some secret passage).
And that’s without going into the other minutia like optional objective (Sapienza Virus, to the Bank, Dartmoor, Chongqing, and Ambrose).
Same for the rest of the level design.

They expanded in Freelancer, especially by forgoing the insular, no follow-up or consequences between the levels core design. With intra-campaign consequences, and build-up.
And even then, some of it seems jurry-rigged, and limited by the technology available.

Hell, I even think that some of the teams were genuinely tired by the formula by the end of the game, or at least uncomfortably constrained.

So let’s give some restorative sleep to 47, and Hitman. Let’s not even think about a next game for a few years, just to be sure to have a fresh new take.

(or if the core-concept of 40 minute session highly replayable but independent and all equal with the same core gameplay levels is kept, at least let’s have a few years passed for both out sake, and the devs sake. Let them have car chases and other set pieces in 007, it will be fun)

  • Technology-wise:

That’s years of conceptualization, prototyping. testing, and proofing. Limited amount could be done in the current game (7DS, Freelancer), or maybe in Project 007. But certainly not all of them. And certainly not if they are overhaul.
Which I think will (and should) be the priority for a new game.

I’m talking starting back from the foundation up kind of work.

  • The studio itself

Project 007 and Project Fantasy are different beasts. They will both take their time and attention, and maybe with not that many ways to directly, and quickly, feed back to a potential new Hitman.

But I don’t think they are seen that way. It would be wise to have it on the back of the head, but wiser to not really think about it, and keep a clear focus on the other game (hopefully other franchise)

Because IOI needs, and wants, to be more than just Hitman.

But if you want some unfounded rumours: I think the next Hitman will have the kind of AI that would allow for the potential of a prison level.
(source: made it up, but it’s what I would expect, it seems to be a frustrating hard limit of the current technology, and might be one of the “evident” threshold to aim for to surpass)

(Also if we don’t have both 47 and Victoria as player characters, to have parallel dual social stealth design, I will riot.)


Well, one out of two.

Yeah, it’s clear the next entry in the franchise is a couple of years away and that it will take a different approach of WoA.

We got 007 and Project Fantasy on the way so IOI got us some stuff to play, but yeah, this is how it works, we’ll just wait it out.

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You’re all wrong.

IO’s next game will be Hitman: Agent 007 Final Fantasy. Take the wool out of your eyes sheeple.


I wish it’d be darker this time.


There’s definitely a new Hitman game coming eventually, but we just don’t know the time frame unfortunately :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

It’s obvious the next game will be aimed at the PlayStation 6 and the next generation Xbox consoles, but whether it releases on the current consoles remains a mystery at this point.


I’ll give you the news you’re looking for. In the new HITMAN game you’ll be able to Hit Men.



Move the slider until the eyes become barely visible.

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Give the HITMAN game(s) time to mature and rest, i guess most of us can afford a few more years of waiting…

Especially when this will be the opportunity to all the developers and fans around the world to think about the future of the franchise and eventually giving concept and ideas for the next installment meanwhile 007 gets released :+1:

Not only that, but also the technology that is fast growing and evolving, imagine what it could be possible to do within the next decade :thinking:

I think that HITMAN still has things to offer, not only gameplay and content-wise, but also by improving and expanding 47’s universe in many ways (characters, story, etc).

And why not going further and set up a sort of transition to the next game?

Time will tell…