Running Hitman: Contracts (and the other classics) on Win10 in widescreen properly

Now while we are on the subject of Contracts, do anyone of you know a fix for the steam version? It doesn’t save progress on Professional.

Hmmm, check if there is a “Save” folder in the game directory and run the game as an administrator. Never heard of the game not saving before. What about the other difficulties?

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If remember correct it’s all difficulties, expect easy or normal. However it’s fairly common problem with the steam version of Contracts.

Interesting, have the Steam version but I only played GOG and Retail. Like I said, create a folder with the name Save in the game directory and see if that works. :slight_smile:

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Will try that, I want to revisit the game soon.

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Sure thing. Also @Rimland’s issues with the old Hitman games inspired me to create this thread. You can have a look over it whenever you want to replay Contracts. :stuck_out_tongue:

I´ll try installing the Steam versions then, see if there´s any difference.

Will do. Since that´s DX5-7, it would only apply to C47 right?

Like @EvilGeniusRo suggested, creating a Save folder should fix that:

Great thread you made there :+1: I´ll probably try following it on the next reinstall :grin: (I mean I always go to PCGW for the troubleshooting, but this is a nice step by step guide)

A little update though on my issue. I wondered whether it could be that the games for whatever reason are not running on my Nvidia gpu but the Intel one instead (even though I specifically assigned the Nvidia one to them), and found this guide: Definitive fix for this game (Cutscenes, FPS, Widescreen, Crashing) :: Hitman: Contracts General Discussions, which mentions:

Game using my iGPU and not my dedicated GPU/Low FPS (Using D3D8)

If you have a laptop, there’s a big chance the game won’t use your dedicated GPU when using D3D8 mode (refer to previous question, RenderD3D.dll). There are 2 workarounds for this: You can improve GREATLY your performance if you go to the in game graphics options and disable Post Filter, or you can do the next.

First, download this widescreen fix and extract h3.7z files inside your Hitman Contracts folder (password: h3). Then, modify h3.ini and put the resolution you want. And now, you’ll want to download a d3d8 to d3d9 wrapper. Just download this: (d3d8.dll file) and replace the one in the game’s folder with the one you just downloaded. Voila! Now you can have d3d8 wrapped in d3d9 functions, and the game will now use your dedicated GPU, so no broken cutscenes and no bad framerate. You can enable those post filter effects again, too!

So, having already applied the widescreen fix, I downloaded the wrapper and replaced the d3d8.dll file, and indeed, the lag and framerate drop was gone. However, since this replaced the d3d8.dll that came with the widescreen fix, the fix no longer works, so fixing one issue leaves me with another :sweat_smile: I´ll have to try to tinker with it again, maybe in a different order, but anyways it seems like the D3D8/9 + GPU is at the core of the issue…

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Contracts is very CPU heavy, so even if you have a great GPU 1080p can be out of the question (it is in my case) however I’ve got it running flawlessly with max settings at 1600x900 res.

my specs are i5-7500 and a 1060

it is possible to force it to use GPU and run at 1080p but you will run into issues like cutscenes failing.

I have a I5-8400, a Nvidia 1050TI and 16gb ram and I’ve never had to many problems with CPU usage, it would stay around 10-15% usage, GPU usage on the other hands goes up to 70%…

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Ok, so I gave it another shot. @EvilGeniusRo I followed your guide step by step. Downloaded Nvidia Profile Inspector, set the exact same settings for Contracts (attaching image), then did a clean install of the game and applied the widescreen fix before even launching it (plus I set the compatibility to WinXP).

Started the game, the fix was working and the game was running without any lags. Tried restarting it and still good. However I had a feeling the AA was not working. Then I increased some of the graphics settings (texture quality and objects detail), it was still running good and then it went tits up and the issue reappeared again and is still there. I´m attaching two images from the first level if you can tell whether the AA is working or not.

I have a suspicion that the game is still simply ignoring my Nvidia GPU and is launching with the Intel one. Is there any other way I could try forcing it? (asides from the Nvidia Graphics Settings panel which I already did with all three games)

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Open up device manager and see what you have under Display adapters. If you have both Nvidia and Intel, disable the Intel one. Maybe that will fix it.

Ah, that seems to create a mess :smiley: Gonna try playing with it a bit tomorrow…

Let me rephrase the previous question though. Is there a way I can check while playing the game what card is it running on?

I know of Msi Afterburner which shows temperatures and usages for many things like gpu and cpu but I’m not sure if it actually shows if a game is running of the onboard or dedicated gpu…

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According to some screenshots, it should, but anyways, I downloaded it and tried. It´s showing GPU1 usage at 0% and GPU2 usage at 99-100%. GPU1 is the dedicated one and GPU2 the onboard one, so I guess the core of the problem is pretty much settled. Now to just find a fix :joy:

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Yep, disable it from Device Manager under Display adapters :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m curious, you can check this in afterburner in the General tab. In the Master graphics, what does it show?

I wonder if there´s a gentle option as well :joy:

You mean this?

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Oooo, disable that bad boy!
Also we have the same cards :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, once disabled you should have only the dedicated GPU and no longer will games try to use the Intel one :smiley:

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:rofl: Ok, ok. I´ll tinker with it tomorrow. It´s 3 am and I need some beauty sleep.

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So, I kinda let go of trying to solve the issue back in January cause I didn´t have the nerve for it, plus a lot of shit´s been on my mind in the meantime…

Anyways, I finally tried disabling the Intel GPU today to see if the game (Contracts) starts using GeForce instead… And the result? Sill ignores the existence of GeForce and apparently uses the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter instead… :joy:

I noticed Hidden and Dangerous 2 does the same thing actually. When running the settings panel, the only GPU available is the Intel one (confirmed via MSI as well), and when that one is disabled, MBDA takes its place. Probably some other of my games have the issue as well, though in HD2s case, running on Intel doesn´t hamper the performance/visuals (for now).

So… I wonder how the fuck am I supposed to solve this? :joy:

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Hmmm, in the Search bar type and open Change device installation settings and set it to No. After that simply open Device Manager, expand the Display Adapters and uninstall (not just disable) everything else than isn’t your actual GPU and restart your PC.
Hope it works :grimacing:

I also saw people using command prompt to get rid of it. Uninstall the drivers from Device Manager, use the 3 commands bellow in cmd and restart PC.

 takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\BasicDisplay.sys
 cacls C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\BasicDisplay.sys /G Administrator:F
 del C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\BasicDisplay.sys
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