Russia, THE BJARKHOV BOMB (Mission #3) - Discussion Thread

Hello 47. Diana here. There is an extraordinary coincidence taking place in Siberia. Two high profile targets will be meeting each other for the first time. Our client wants you on the job. It’s a golden opportunity to get to both men, making it a high-risk high-reward operation. There’s no margin of error on this one and our client is not accustomed to disappointment. Your codename on this operation is “Mr. Byrd”, our man on the base will answer to the codename “Yurishka”. This might look like a straight forward mission, but be careful 47, you don’t want any extra trouble in that environment.


  • Fabian Fuchs
  • Sergei Bjarkhov
  • Submarine

This mission is like a cruel temptress. It’s so atmospheric and stark in its beauty, but it makes you want to kill yourself.


I can’t say I hate this mission,but I definitely don’t love it either.Let’s say it’s ok and I kinda like it.The snowy setting and the main title soundtrack are AWESOME,but it takes ages to traverse the map and complete the objectives.

The mission is also too linear.Ok,Fabian can be killed in quite a few ways,but taking into consideration how useful his disguise is (and how annoying it is to complete the mission without it),there are not too many reasonable ways to kill him to be honest.Probably only putting laxative in his soup which takes quite long and the speedrun method of making him flee which is extremely difficult to learn from my own experience.Bjarkhov can only be killed (reasonably) by meeting him as Fabian or by sniping him.

The submarine objective can be annoying,but once you know how to do it consistently without getting random alerts,it’s not that bad.

So yeah,not necessarily a bad mission (the atmosphere saves it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:), but it’s one of my least favourites in the game for sure.


This mission is arguably really fun if you have enough patience to experiment with the targets and their routes.

For those who don’t know what I mean: after 20-ish minutes Fabien makes his way to General Bjarkhov’s boat where they meet. Soon after they use the nearby car to visit the nuclear sub.

Its a lot of fun to get all 3 in one stone by blowing up the sub when they’re standing next to it. :boom:


My mortal nemesis…


It would have been a better mission if you didn’t have to run for minutes to get to a next objective :slightly_smiling_face:


I cant tell you how often the little railway-thingy killed me, because i jumped down on the wrong site of it, or when i jumped down on the the right of it but it immediately turned back to the soldier i left behind at the station lmao.

It’s an okay mission, a bit tedious but alright. It was the demo version of Hitman Contracts and i played it countless times.


THATS why you can plant the bomb on/near the car, thank you!


I always felt the atmosphere in this level was incredible, it captures being isolated in cold, hostile territory better than any other level. Yeah the mission itself sucks but I didn’t mind it. I hope they return to this kind of vibe at some point, it might fit into project 007 well.


Welcome, Apex!

The first time you start the level and you’re standing in a plane at a Siberian military base with just a syringe, some wire, and a couple pistols really acclimates you to that feeling. It’s something.