Sabotage (Hitman-style fan game)

Boo-yah! This is probably a good time to do a comeback with this project. I had a thread for this on the old forum and it’s been a long time since that. Time flies and other projects come and go, but this one has just been staying is the shadows forgotten. In the last few weeks I’ve cleaned the dust again and finished the mission 5, meaning that there are three playable missions in the game at the moment.

Hm, but what is this whole thing even about? I’ll have to do some introducing for everyone who has no knowledge of my little eternity project.


Sabotage (in-development name) is a 2.5D puzzle game heavily inspired by Hitman. All possible assassinations are based on scripted events and you have to rely on those to succeed. You have to get a proper disguise if you want to get into a certain area. There is no rating system; the only bad way to play is to fail all kill opportunities (currently only applies to one target). There are no guns or fiber wires and you have no starting items whatsoever, the kills are usually what would be considered as “accidents”. Every target has 5 or 4 scripted kills depending on how many targets there are in the mission. Non-assassination objectives can be accomplished in several ways too. Every mission has 16 collectable items and 6 different disguises (three of which are unique and three of which can be obtained in two ways). If the mission briefing tells you that you are allowed to eliminate someone who’s not an actual target, they’ll most probably provide a unique disguise. In fact, to get a disguise from someone you can’t just pacify them like in Hitman. You have to find another way to make them unconscious, for example, drugging them with sleeping pills. There are conversations and notes that give you useful hints so try to remember them.

The current music is most probably temporary because I don’t think my composer is on this new forum.

There will be six main missions, a tutorial and an easy prologue mission. There have been many changes in plans along the way. I originally intended to create a couple of missions outside the main story, but with my pace that’s never going to happen and my current plans are just enough. I scrapped the plans of the first “bonus mission” and the fifth story mission (one about a virus) and replaced it with the mission I had planned as the second “bonus mission”. I was able to shape the story around it well enough. Some targets and other plans have been changed from what was the original view.

A little about what the story (an excuse for killing people) is about: The main character is Damon Thane, a “freelance fixer” doing assignments for an industrial tycoon. New problems appear and have to be fixed. The briefings of the last two missions aren’t supposed to make sense yet because the three preceding missions have yet to even leave the drawing board. I’ll only release the game once the game is finished some day so not making the missions in the correct order doesn’t really matter. Cutscenes and other story-related things will be future matter. Currently the missions that can be played are missions 1, 5 and 6. Next up with probably be the tutorial or Shanghai.

Mission details
Tutorial - Fall of the Master (Brisbane, Australia)

Eliminate Milo Naramore

Prologue - Phoenix's Tomb (Pretoria, South-Africa)

Eliminate Eagan Scipio

Mission 1 - Mob Job (Miami, Florida)

Eliminate Herbert Wegener
Eliminate Kurtis Lockhart

Mission 2 - Strongford Redemption (Dundee, Scotland)

Eliminate Aaron Scarce
Eliminate Costas Hayden
Eliminate Miranda Karliner

Mission 3 - Welcome to the Party (Shanghai, China)

Eliminate Jay Beck
Eliminate Elijah Kahn
Retrieve Beck’s files

Mission 4 - Technological Revolution (Vladivostok, Russia)

Eliminate Munenori Yakura
Eliminate Dmitry Tvardovsky

Mission 5 - Behind the Facade (Kassel, Germany)

Eliminate Edith Krieger
Eliminate Calvin Linz
Rescue Edgar Herkenrath

Mission 6 - The Karmic Cycle (Hailuoto, Finland)

Eliminate Pauli Laine
Eliminate Alexandra Josan
Eliminate Jacob Malmstedt

The missions have several challenges (not shown in-game yet) that are divided into assassinations and feats (feats are usually centered around infiltration/exfiltration/secrets etc.)

Challenges (current missions)
Mob Job (Miami, Florida)

Sleeping With the Fishes - Assassinate Herbert Wegener by drowning him
Not My Funeral - Assassinate Herbert Wegener by scaring him to death
For Whom the Bell Tolls - Assassinate Herbert Wegener with the bell
Out of Order - Assassinate Herbert Wegener with a nitroglycerin explosion
Bullseye For an Eye - Make Kurtis Lockhart kill Herbert Wegener with a bow
Follow Your Friend - Assassinate Kurtis Lockhart by pushing him off the mansion roof
Death Metal - Assassinate Kurtis Lockhart by electrocuting him
You Just Got Beaned - Assassinate Kurtis Lockhart by poisoning him
The Fire Rises - Assassinate Kurtis Lockhart with fire
Hostile Control - Make a guard shoot Kurtis Lockhart
Die Another Day - Get to the graveyard as Eric Fitzpatrick
Maze King - Infiltrate the mansion through the labyrinth
Hold It For Me - Get to the brown house without breaking the door
Sleeping on the Job - Drug a technician
Cool Story - Decrease the security room temperature
Real Life Robin Hood - Disguise yourself as Eugene Calves
Discreet and Unsuspicious - Exit by the car
Scoot Away - Exit by the scooter
You Won’t Be Needing This - Exit by Lockhart’s speedboat
Cowabunga! - (secret)

Behind the Facade (Kassel, Germany)

Two Birds, One Stone - Assassinate Edith Krieger with a car bomb
Just a Heatstroke - Assassinate Edith Krieger by drowning her
Don’t Be a Dummy - Assassinate Edith Krieger with the truck
A Fateful Leakage - Assassinate Edith Krieger with hot steam
For Your Taste - Assassinate Edith Krieger by poisoning her
Never Trust Machines - Assassinate Calvin Linz with the dental surgery robot
Sold-Out - Assassinate Calvin Linz by electrocuting him
The Usual Suspects - Assassinate Calvin Linz by pushing him off the cliff
Leave No Evidence - Assassinate Calvin Linz with a bag of bricks
Camper’s Trap - Assassinate Calvin Linz with fire

Thorough Investigation - Get to the park manager’s office without a keycard
No Gatekeeping - Infiltrate the park through the gate
Floss on Haters - Disguise yourself as the dentist
Going Postal - Infiltrate Krieger’s property in a cardboard box
You’ve Got Spirit - Give a PSA agent schnapps
Collateral Damage - Find Theo
Ode to the Code - Open storage 1 with the code
Breakthrough - Get to storage 1 through the sewer
Reputation Saved - Make Krieger open storage 1
Final Destination - Exit by the train
Part of the Team - Exit by the forensic van
Transport to the Concert - Exit by the motorcycle
Highway Superstar - Exit by Krieger’s car
Detective Thane - (secret)
External Factors - (secret)

The Karmic Cycle (Hailuoto, Finland)

You’re Finnished - Assassinate Pauli Laine by locking him in the sauna
Blood Money - Assassinate Pauli Laine with the plane
The Final Countdown - Assassinate Pauli Laine with the jetpack
Midnight Runner - Assassinate Pauli Laine with DEXY
A Hot Grill - Assassinate Alexandra Josan with fire
Rookie Work - Assassinate Alexandra Josan by drowning her in oil
Crush On You - Assassinate Alexandra Josan with a falling tree
Girl’s Worst Enemy - Assassinate Alexandra Josan with pollen
A Fast Takeout - Assassinate Jacob Malmstedt by poisoning him
Basement Killing - Assassinate Jacob Malmstedt by electrocuting him
Get Away - Assassinate Jacob Malmstedt with a boat bomb
Devil’s Fall - Assassinate Jacob Malmstedt with the pitchfork

Identify Yourself - Enter the warehouse
Harmless Grass - Give the initiate a cannabis joint
Music to My Ears - Repair the speaker
Biting the Bugs - Drug a hacker
Intercommunism - Talk to the intercom
Keep a Watch - Enter the watchtower
The Overseer - Disguise yourself as Marko Tanner
The Treasurer - Disguise yourself as David Bensen
Changed Ownership - Exit by Malmstedt’s boat
Jetpack Joyride - Exit by the jetpack
Flight Plan - Exit by the plane
The Swan of Tuonela - (secret)

Penultimately, just some screenshots of the game.


I would use Gamejolt with any other project, but I still want to keep this one rather unknown, that’s why the game can only be downloaded via this sus-looking link for now. The controls and some other useful instructions can be found in-game. There’s no handholding tutorial yet so I understand if getting started might be somewhat difficult.

Putting aside my past activity, I’ll try to update this devlog at reasonable intervals. I’ll be grateful for any feedback and criticism!


I kind of speedrunned the making of the tutorial mission, because I already had many assets done earlier and others that could just be reused. The guiding in the mission can be enabled or disabled, but there’s only one scripted method to do it anyway. Even though there were instructions in the game, it’s still a bit hard to play without a proper tutorial.

Objective: eliminate the karateka, Milo Naramore.

EDIT: a stupid bug that my friend found fixed in the new version