Safe is there or not?

I have 2 questions regarding the safe:

  1. If I select the optional task “Open safe with explosive” (or however is that coined), yet I don’t find the safe nowhere - is that expected? Aren’t safes supposed to be on each and every level?
  2. Regarding hardcore mode: I noticed the crates with goods are not displayed on the minimap. So are the safes displayed on the minimap (or the map)? If there is a safe on that level, will it be displayed on the map - or at least minimap?

Safes are not in every mission. When you select a location from the map, it tells you the number of targets, safes and couriers in each location. That information also appears above the Prestige Objectives before you pick one.

In hardcore mode, the safes do appear on the minimap, but not the couriers or crates.


Thanks. Do safes appear on the big map also? (not just minimap)

Yup, they appear on both maps.

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Unfortunately, there are only safes on certain maps. You’ve got to check the locations on the map to see how many safes there are (or if there even are any safes). It would be helpful if IO prevented you from choosing that objective once you’ve chosen a map without a safe, but you just have to keep your eyes peeled.

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