Safehouse Decorations DLC?

I know we’ve spoken about the missing Easter, Halloween and Christmas decorations for 47’s Safehouse, so I thought I’d make just one specific topic for discussion.

I have one potential theory but I don’t know if it would actually happen? What if, like the Makeshift Weapon pack, IOI planned to release the Easter, Halloween and Christmas decorations as DLC for the use in Freelancer?

Halloween Pumpkins (Outside)

Giant Easter Eggs (Outside)

Christmas Tree and Wall Decor

I purchased the Makeshift weapon pack, so I’d definitely purchase another DLC pack for Freelancer which added the above decorations for the Safehouse! :wink: Like others have mentioned, I’m sure Freelancer will continue to be updated as the months continue, so hopefully we’ll see the above additions added to Freelancer in the future! :grin:


I usually am against paid cosmetic packs, but I want to support IOI so I do it for Hitman.

I agree with and appreciate the separate thread for this (I know you’ve been wanting these for a while!).


If they do make it a dlc I think it should have items and a suit like the makeshift and street art packs


Of all the DLC you could sell, doing only safehouse decorations is possibly the most financially awful choice.

If they’re going to push out more Freelancer DLC, they’ll include suits & weapons, the safehouse decorations are a sideshow.

…Unless it’s something that gives you a material advantage, like some analogue of the bomb table or poison workbench, but then you’re going to have people screaming “pay2win”


Only awful if it’s just decorations and nothing tangible to play with. Best bet is to add suits and items to balance it out.

For example.

Halloween = Specific Meat Handler outfit that been in the files but considered a leak since launch and their tool.

Good way to use stuff they had sitting on the stove for awhile and don’t know how to work it into roadmaps properly.


I’m glad we agree. If you’d read the other two sentences of my post, you’d have known that too.

I’m sure they’d be other items bolstered onto a potential DLC pack, such as new suits and weapons etc, so it could really be something cool if it actually happens? :grin:

At the end of the day, IOI may very well end up giving the extra decorations for free, but we’ll see what happens? :wink:


I’d buy that DLC. I would also like a doctors/surgeons suit and stethoscope pack


Oh I would buy such DLCs. And even more than shown in the pictures above. Give me the whole McCallister christmas home experience, I would gladly pay for it!


There’s so much IOI could include with the above Safehouse decorations, like what you’ve mentioned in your post. Fingers crossed we get something :crossed_fingers:t2::grin:


Exactly. I love the safe house but my heart is still with the shed in H2:SA. Plus id love some very random rewards. Like the promo Spoon. Exclusive. Rare.

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Personally I never saw the point of dressing 47 up like a Ken Doll. I definitely never got into decorating the Hitmansion like Barbie’s Dreamhouse. I enjoyed killing people in interesting ways. Maybe it’s just me.

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I enjoy killing people in interesting ways while looking hot and having a pretty home to return to. :grinning:


^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^ :grin::grin:

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But he basically is Ken, with all the fancy clothes and the Mojo Dojo Casa House


I would gladly pay like 10 pounds or whatever for these the decorations and maybe a suit the snipers are from hitman 2s co op mode and everything else is from holiday hoarders


Now this idea would be fantastic!! Christmas, Halloween and Easter themed weapons along with the themed Safehouse decorations??? I’ll definitely take that!! :grin:


We have good news to share as 2024 will also bring its fair share of content, with new updates, Elusive Targets and Challenges set to be added in the upcoming year.

Let’s hope we finally get the Safehouse themed decorations in 2024! :grin:


Same here. I hope there will be Valentine’s Day and Easter decorations in addition to Christmas and Halloween. I doubt Valentine’s Day will be there, but Easter decorations would be a cool addition, especially since we already have an Easter Escalation on Berlin.


The Easter decorations are definitely there. You can see them more clearly in the outside area of the Safehouse when you click the picture bigger in my original post!! :grin:

So far, from what we can see it’s Easer Egg decorations for the outside area, very much like what is seen in Easter Berlin when the guests are queuing to enter the Club.