San Diego, A NEW LIFE (Mission #4) - Discussion Thread

WoA Style discussion for A New Life. Feel free to discuss this mission here
Briefing: We’re sending you down to the other end of the state, 47. The target’s a gangster by the name of Vinnie Sinistra. He’s in a witness protection program pending a court appearance later this month. Our client wants to be sure Sinistra doesn’t make it to the witness box. Sinistra’s also got some hard evidence that can’t be allowed to see the light of day. Our clients think it may be on a bit of microfilm, ensure that you retrieve it. Sinistra is extremely unstable and hasn’t taken well to suburban life. They’re having a birthday party for the youngest child on Sunday, and this may give you the angle you need to get in. The house is being monitored and protected by the feds, so extreme discretion is required. Tread lightly, 47.


  • Kill Vinnie Sinistra.
  • Retrieve microfilm.
  • Escape the suburb.

Is it true that if you kill Vinnie in his office, his body will always be found even if you drag it behind the corner? I did it many times and I think every time his body was eventually discovered. But if you hurry up you can escape before it happens.


I’m not sure if this works. But if you eliminate Vinnie and put him in that corner in his office you should have enough time to escape. You could try to drop a pistol in front of the door before you leave. That way maybe the guard will see it when he comes to check in on Vinnie. Should buy you enough time while the guard takes the weapon to storage. But I can confirm that even if you don’t do that you will have enough time to escape, but it cuts it very close. You have to immediately head for the exit after you put Vinnie in that corner so make sure you have the necklace first.


From my experience, his body never gets found. If you want to be safe, drop a mine nearby, and if a guard walks into there he’ll pick it up and put it in the drop off box, giving you more time.

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Is it really in San diego Tho? on the news paper it says San Jose or mebbe im just dumb.

I think his guard goes in the room to check for Vinnie if he doesn’t come out for too long.

UPD: yes he does and he even goes over the corner.


If you kill Vinnie in the office while he is snorting cocaine then the guard will come in the room to check on him.

I know an easy way to kill Vinnie upstairs that worked for me. I get rid of the FBI agent smelling the teenage daughter’s underwear and drag him out of sight in one of the rooms that no one enters. Place a gun in the daughter’s bedroom, open the door when Vinnie walks by. He will come inside the room to get the gun. You can kill him however you like. I prefer fiber wiring him. His guard doesn’t enter the daughter’s room.

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