Sapienza/Landslide/Challanges no electric challenges

PC / digital

Sapienza/Landslide/Challanges no electric challenges

Steps to reproduce:
Play the level Sapienza/Landslide

each time - Does it ALWAYS happen: yes)

I’m pretty sure that I know how it works (have made the same with H2 directly) but I do’nt get the challenges “Urine for it” and “The Gig is up”.
I’ve tried everything. With/without disguise, german, english, reboot, reinstall.
Nothing has helped, At H2 it was no problem.
Please can you help me!


I’m having the same issue on Nintendo Switch.

After the last update I was able to complete “Urine for it” but not “The Gig is up”.
It so frustating. How difficult can it be to fix it?


It’s not a matter of how hard it is to fix, it’s a matter of whether there are things that are more important to fix first. And there are a lot of things that are broken that are more important than a broken challenge doesn’t really affect much - you can still max out mastery, you can still unlock everything. It’s just that progress isn’t stamped as 100%.

So yeah, wait.

Yeah, what a blessing that I’m allowed to experience this in my life… :slight_smile:
I was able now to complete both challanges. Thank you very much to whomever!!!

BR Rostivar