SASO / Sniper Assassin Classics

Note, I did Sniper separate or after SASO, it’s possible some of you may have used this approach and sorry if it may seem redundant.

I wanted to share a fast and more efficient approach.

From the Boat area, heading towards the train, as you heading in that direction, you will see a ladder on the right that you can shoot. There’s, a hut on the left near that ladder.

After dropping the ladder, head up, you will see a table with 2 glasses, use lethal pills or vial , with your back to the entrance of malestrom home, poison the left glass.

Then you can climb the wall up to the roof of malestrom home, grab the brick and with a silent pistol hit the button on the flag pole raising the flag and immediately jump down that wall or shoot that bell on halfway down the stairs and hide in the closet. Then head back up and jump down the wall and down same ladder.

That hut on the left, throw the brick in the cauldron it will send smoke in the air, and the last 2 targets will meet. You want to be near the boat entrance / exit, but be in a spot where you can shoot with no one watching.

Shah will arrive first. When you see Rangoon stop, with instinct you will see the boat above them. Hit the pole to drop the boat on both targets and exit the boat exit.

Very easy SASO.

For Sniper

I repeat the same thing, with exception don’t poison any tea.

Throw a coin or any melee to distract the women or malestrom wife you can do the spam subue as you are crouched against the wall and doorway. Hide her in closet and do the same for the guard. After both are in closet, take his disquise, head up and you can push the button raising the flag. The malestrom enters alone. Subue him and use a Sniper , I had the sieger 300 ghost. After taking him out, hide body in upstairs closet. Oh grab that brick.

Then I sniped shah, in the train yard right where she drinks tea.

Then I went to that hut, threw the brick in the cauldron, then raced over to the crow area near the boat exit just before the construction area to Rangoon tower, while on the roof of the crows mini tower, I was able to shoot Rangoon as he entered the construction area as he walked out of his tower. Then I dropped my sniper and went to the boat exit.

Easy Sniper Assassin

Typing this may make it seem longer, but was pretty fast. I’d say about 3-4 minutes for SASO, and about 6-7 min for Sniper

Just wanted to share

I like topics like this. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a lot of ways to SASO the targets. In fact, you can do any of the three double-kills not only SASO, but also with no loadout and no KOs other than the Kashmirian (or no KOs at all if you use the Chawl start). You can also help the Kashmirian get both of his kills SASO with no loadout and no KOs.

You can also climb up the green-edged ledges just to the left of the ladder, which is useful to know if you’re trying to do it no-loadout so all you’d have to shoot the ladder is an inaccurate unsilenced pistol picked up from that one room in the Chawl.

I remember it as the glass that’s farther from the house.

Did you know that if you don’t raise the flag yourself, Neha will have the guards do it about 11 minutes after you triggered her conversation with the guard while poisoning the glass? So definitely not a method for a speed run, but it’s super easy.

You can also use the radio in the room below to lure one guard down for a KO, then KO the other however and just push the button.

Personally I like using the real dye brick instead of the regular bricks. It’s pretty easy to get. Use the generator outside the beach shack to lure the wandering guard and KO him for a key, then throw something from the doorway to KO the TV-watching guard. Drag both downstairs to stash them in the cabinet there. The guard in the Armory is easy to KO or sneak around while you grab the key, and the two patrolling the hallway are easy to go behind to get to the room with the dye brick and back out.

Getting around the upstairs guards without KOs is harder, but not too bad. I use the generator to lure the TV guard outside instead (while the wanderer is looking out the front door) and go in behind him to get downstairs. Then to get back out I drop the rifle from the Armory at the top of the stairs and toss something to lure the TV-watching guard to find it, then hide in the cabinet for him to go past so I can go up to the upper floor.

I find it can be a little difficult to hit the right spot from there with a Silverballer, and much less with most of the guns you can find in the level.

These days I usually shoot from the stairs up to the roof. From there you can easily hit the spot even with the shotgun from the Armory. Just be ready to run out the upper floor doorway right away after shooting (and then around the other side of the building and past the barge too). :grinning:

I aimed at the top right of that boat with silverballer. Very easy.

You can have a sniper stashed and use that to hit the boat, but I thought it was easy shot.