Sauna Glass and Missing Cinematics

I was wondering why we’re unable to shoot through the sauna’s mirror when Yamazaki goes in and sits down. This was a pretty neat way to kill her, and we were once able to do so. Anyone know why a mirror was turned into bulletproof glass?

My other query regards pushing Yamazaki to her death while she smokes on her balcony/meeting her at the cable car as the Director. We used to have brief cinematics here that were quite nice, why were they removed?

The bulletproof glass in the sauna has mystified us for a while. No one knows why they altered it. The cinematic ??? No idea. Was the cinematic in H3 or was it only in the older version of the game?


It was in H1 and they removed both cinematics in H2 I think.


I think things like this missing in H3, shows how IOI were able to compress the game to 60GB. This is just my guess.


Possibly, but I can’t see these missing features taking up GBs worth of space at the same time. We need Phineas Whitmer on the case.


Hardly. The cutscene just moved the game camera so its not behind 47 during the push as there was nothing special about it other than the different camera position. Best case scenario is this shaved a few KB off the game.

Also it was removed in H2, not H3.