Season of Interlude 2024

Now that the final bit of content before the Season of Undying is about to end (i.e. The Forger #4), I just remembered I made this thing about a month ago and completely forgot about it. Here’s pretty much all we’ve gotten since the 7th of December (excluding Elusive Target Galore & Free Hokkaido Snow Festival). There are a couple of question marks in areas I couldn’t / can’t find out, so I’ll update them if and when I’m informed.

I am no graphic designer, and this was cobbled together using my cheap laptop, as much free online software as I could find, Hitman twitter posts, sweat and curse words (plus you can pinpoint when I started losing it by looking at the bottom), but I felt this period needed to be documented, like the fan-made roadmaps we got in February and April 2022. I hope you like it!