Season of Undying (First Roadmap 2024)

It’s good to see The Undying back!

Regarding the suit, it’s nice for them to propose the two different versions of the suit, will avoid some additional modding to it and will please all tastes around, smart move actually :+1:

Also glad that the DLCs are fairly priced at a 5$ charge. Keeps the stuff appealing while being at decent purchase amount :100:

Most of it all, it’s firstly offered as a free-to-play testing so you can even decide whether you want to purchase it or not, so let’s give it a try and enjoy more of Sean Bean, a.k.a Mark Faba :dart:

I see there’s also a new Twitch Drop event for a few days, that could be interesting to make something :blush:

I guess it’s time to prepare some new content for HITMAN 3 and The Undying new release :white_check_mark:

Awaiting that moment, you can still enjoy my first Undying run here:

Some stuff coming soon™, stay tuned :wink:

Cya soon guys :blush: