Season of Undying (First Roadmap 2024)

Dropping in the first roadmap for 2024.



Thank you so much! This roadmap is badass!

I’m really looking forward to The Undying content!


Give you this, @Combatglue; for your first roadmap as our communications guy, you came out swinging heavy. Not too shabby.


Haha, it’s the team swinging; I am just yelling. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But I did say this year is gonna be a cool one. (more to come :smiley: )


So far, you have not been proven incorrect. Keep it up. :+1:


The roadmap.

New DLC incoming.


Sweet! That DLC is a pretty solid package. I like new suits and reskins and things to do.


Looks nice, can someone brief me how the egg behaves? Like Nitroglycerine but sedating?

Also, this roadmap covers the first half of this year, so it feels like the pace we could have expected. :slight_smile: Looking forward to the curators!


Yes that’s how the egg behaves


So just to be sure.

The time limited Undying will be avalaible only for a month but the permanent version will be a payed DLC thats avalaible permanently??


I guess people complaining about nothing new since December will have to wait more, since this roadmap only begins a month from now from the looks of it.
Either way having the Undying back is certainly nice to see since I didn’t have a chance to play that mission before.


Correct I’m definitely buying that when it comes out


I wonder how the DLC Arcade is gonna play out. The rational part of me expects a standard track with 2 filler targets ending with Faba and having some negligible complication like “don’t get spotted” (though I won’t mind Drop/Deceivers/Fixer being the fillers there). Delusional part of me is hoping for some sort of twist on the formula that goes more in escalation direction than ETA, with each stage being the Undying coming back from the dead with changing complications/map elements each time.


"Let us know which other challenges or challenge rewards you would like to see in-game! "

Anyone know where to submit challege ideas/rewards? Should we create a new thread and hope someone at IO checks it out?


Having re-read the roadmap, it seems to be that way. The regular ET is free for everyone but the Arcade version will be paid DLC as part of the Undying Pack.

Maybe making it a paid DLC was the compromise for getting Mark Faba back permanently in the Arcade. Seeing how they handled the return of the Sarajevo Six (making them 5$ DLC for all platforms after being previously Sony exclusive content for H1), seems plausible to me that renegotiating for Sean Bean was something similar…


There’s the Challenge Ideas Thread that already exists. If it worked for me, it should hopefully work for you too!


Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if the deal was that a portion or majority of revenue generated from the Cosmetic Pack went directly to Sean Bean like it may have with Sony and the Sarajevo Six release.


I find it funny to imagine that Sean Bean doesnt remember Hitman and accepted it only for the money.

Thats my headcanon.


I wonder if it’s that or if Deluxe owners will have it automatically. When something says “Premium Content” in Freelancer, that’s what it means.

On the other hand, other cosmetic packs were priced.


Premium content

March 22

Elusive Target: The Undying feat. Sean Bean

The Undying Elusive Target featuring Sean Bean finally returns to the World of Assassination. Mark Faba is famous for his uncanny ability to rise from the dead, having been confirmed killed more than 25 times. It is now your job to finally put the Undying in the ground… for good!

For the first time ever, Free Starter Pack players will have a chance to experience the Undying mission in The Oroborous - A Three level Arcade contract featuring The Undying Elusive Target, available for free to everyone. In this game mode, players will be tasked with multiple escalating missions, upon failure, progress will restart from the first level and the contract will be locked for 12 hours until the player can attempt to play the contract again. The original ‘one chance only’ Elusive Target will only be available to World of Assassination players.

Additionally, we will be releasing a brand new cosmetic DLC pack to all platforms, The Undying Pack. This includes:

  • The Ephemeral Suit with Eye Patch
  • Kronstadt Mini Flash Robo XOI-2900
  • Kronstadt IOI-1998X Surround Earphones
  • Kronstadt Explosive Pen (Gen 2)
  • The Oroborous - A three level Arcade contract featuring The Undying Elusive Target.
  • A set of cosmetics for the Freelancer Safehouse inspired by the iconic Elusive Target mission.
  • The Undying Elusive Target will be available for approximately 4 weeks from March 22nd.

March 22

Twitch Drop: Purple Streak Duck

Alongside the launch of The Undying 2024, we will be releasing a brand-new Twitch Drop, The Purple Streak Duck. Link your Twitch account to your IOI account, and simply watch your fellow Agents on Twitch to unlock this brand-new item. For a reminder on how to earn this reward:

  1. Link your IOI Account to your Twitch account.
  2. Watch a cumulative 1 hour of HITMAN World of Assassination on Twitch between March 22nd and March 31st
  3. Any streamer playing under the HITMAN World of Assassination category on Twitch is eligible for Twitch Drops.

Please be aware, that both the Streamer and the viewer must link their accounts before progress can be made towards earning the Purple Streak Duck. For more details, please see our Twitch Drops FAQ.

New Challenges

March 29

New Challenge: Oocyanin Hunt

During the Berlin Egg Hunt, Pacify a target with the Blue Egg.

We also have two new challenges inspired by HITMAN Forum user “lukefsje”. Let us know which other challenges or challenge rewards you would like to see in-game!

April 25

New Challenge: Forged in Fire

In Ambrose Island, light all four braziers while disguised as a metal worker to unlock the Burial Dagger.

April 30

New Challenge: The Great Thief

In The Golden Handshake mission, Eliminate Athena Savalas with the Golden Sawed-Off Bartoli 12G to unlock the weapon.

Returning event

March 29

Event: The Berlin Egg Hunt

Attention Free starter pack players (and players who haven’t played). The Berlin Egg Hunt is coming back this easter. If you haven’t played the Berlin Egg hunt, now is the perfect opportunity to put all your eggs in one basket.

Welcome to the Season of Undying

Alongside the above content, we will also be releasing 5 returning Elusive Targets, and three new rounds of Curated Contracts for you to enjoy.

We’re ecstatic to kick off HITMAN 2024 with a returning favourite and cannot wait to share with you all some of the amazing new content we have planned for the World of Assassination throughout the rest of this year. Expect a few surprises!