Season of Undying (First Roadmap 2024)

Holy Shit! Forged in Fire and The Great Thief! Those are challenge ideas I came up with back in August! I can’t believe they’re actually adding them! Thanks IO!


Interesting, the Undying will be both an ET, and in the arcade.


Purple duck and undying am I in heaven ?


Thanks IOI.


Yeah i mean glad we get some content. I just wanted a bit more considering this roadmap is content for 5 months🥲


The “Pruple” Streak Duck looks cool!


So great to see Mark Faba return, and on the ET Arcade too no less! Thought we’d never see him again and I’m excited for his return. As a PS4 player it’s been like 4 years since I last eliminated him. Thank god ET Arcade is permanent. I’m liking that DLC outfit too though the eyepatch is kinda weird.

Damn that’s awesome! Your ideas have been forever inmortalized into Hitman now. Congrats!


I’m even more happy than when my contracts got Featured!


The Revolutionary :fearful::sob::scream::confounded: he haunts me still

Cool to see the Undying, and surprised they’re adding an Arcade via DLC, but I guess makes sense they might wanna re-coup some costs by getting the rights to have Sean Bean available for as long as WOA still lives.

Kinda sad that’s all the Safehouse Freelancer stuff that seems to be coming out.

If we’re getting a Purple Duck, I guess that means a Purple Briefcase is gonna appear later too.

Here’s hoping they have at least one more “major” type addition to Hitman like the Undying here because that’s honestly surprising.

Really hoping we can at least get official support for Alternate maps to be used in Freelancer, like KevinRudd’s Freelancer Varations mod.


Last summer, when the return of the Sarajevo Six was announced, I said this:

And I got a bunch of responses and pushback about how it’s not the same thing and contract negotiations and blah blah blah. And I had said at the time that nothing was stopping IOI from being able to do those renegotiations. And now… well, here we are. And while I understand that there is a different mitigating factor that makes the likelihood of the Wild Card’s reappearance so close to non-existent that it can safely be accepted as an absolute certainty, so I’ll relax on that one. But I will absolutely take this moment to say: I told you all so.

Now that that is out of the way, I’m really excited about most of what we’re getting out of this. I’m primarily disappointed in three things:

  1. New Arcade contract with the Undying, returning ETs line the Deceivers, but no new Arcade contracts that let us access some of the ETs locked behind restricted loadouts, like the Deceivers.

  2. A purple duck? That’s what the Twitch drop is for? IOI, where are the other streak suits that you implied would be made available for all platforms? We got the purple and the Stadia, now time for the green/Xbox, blue/Playstation, and black/PC ones to open up for everybody.

  3. Where are the damned Freelancer updates?!

Aside from that, definitely a good roadmap with stuff we didn’t see coming (but had dreamt about).


Its a shame now that Gary Busey had those complaints in the recent past. Otherwise we might have ended up getting The Wildcard back too at some point. :frowning:


Surprised to see the Undying ET back on a permanent basis in the ET Arcade. Looks like I’ll not be missing out on this purchase this time!

Any news on patch notes or upcoming patches? I’m curious when they occur as surely we’d need at least one to add all of this content code in the game so it can launch properly on the correct dates?


They did say “and a game update within this Season. “ they probably just forgot to include it in the image


New safehouse gear. Looks like inventory at the safehouse will be expanded. This is great news. Hope there’s more to freelancer to be added.


Where you seeing that?

Thank you for that information!

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Oh nvm. It says safehouse cosmetics. I thought they were adding more gear but i think it means actual stuff at the safehouse like pictures, vehicles etc. not actual gear.


No problem just going to lie down this has me very excited and I feel a bit light headed


What says that? Where are you seeing that?

Ayo 1 FCs Batch per month? Let’s gooooooo!