Server disconnect

Hi it’s been a while since I used this forum, but I play on the Xbox series x and notice I still get constant server disconnects (roughly every 1-5 minutes). It was happening several months back and continues today.
Now I really enjoy the game, but is there anything going on, maybe some workaround? I know it’s not my internet as everything works fine and I also use an Ethernet cord as I’m not a fan of wireless

I am on Xbox as well, and I am not getting disconnected frequently like you state.

I would check your router/modem settings to ensure the correct ports are open and your NAT setting is Open. I suspect this is probably the cause otherwise there would be a lot more complaints of this nature. Unfortunately I do not know if they’re what the ports are and if they are different from Xbox Live (I believe that is 3074, but a quick Google search will answer that). Likewise, I do not know what equipment you have from your ISP, you will need to look for those details.


I appreciate the attempt to help. My NAT is open and the relevant port is correct. I’ve also tried wireless and wired connections so I’m at a loss. Weirdest thing for me I guess

And now curiously enough, I bought the rest of hitman on my ps5 (already had hitman 1 and switched to Xbox by the time the second 1 came out) and no connection issues for that system. At least now I can enjoy it hassle free

Playstation fanboy. :joy:

If only it was that simple! Won’t waste my time with a console war as this is about a game and wired situation. I have both and enjoy both and unfortunately yes my situation is true regardless of the likelihood. In the meantime I’m happy and looking forward to the freelance update

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