Shaving Lenny: Lenny gets stuck at the barbeque

Been trying my hand at Suit Only and it’s a royal pain in the ass when characters’ RNG is so
terrible to see / hear distractions. An essential part of Suit Only of course.
I began on Purist mode but found the RNG was too bad along with other expletive too.

What’s worse though is when characters just won’t move at all. Noticed this in the train station
when trying to get the evidence one character would just be terminally deaf 2/3 of the time and
camp the corner even when everyone else was alerted he was just chilin’. I swear I reset 50x
purely for that one guy.

Same thing seems to be going on here. Lenny is just chillin’ at the barbeque.
Any word on how to make Lenny move though?

I tried blowing up the explosive I’d planted to get the evidence.
Lenny goes alert as everyone else does then he “resets” back to his place
against a wall or some object by the barbeque.

So is there a way to move him and is this a common bug?
I don’t see any mention of it anywhere. Restarting from beginning of the
Hope mission does not fix this. When I get to the same place Lenny again
leans against a wall and goes idle (stuck). I even waited for 20m by the hallway past the barber shop.
He never moved once short of my blowing the explosive as noted.

My PC is more than adaquate to run a 10yr old game.
I am using Windows 10 with the game set for Win7 compatibility mode.